LED report shows why quality and trust are essential for consumers

An LED lighting report by Which? magazine that exposes poor quality in some products is very welcome.

At last! We’ve been arguing over the past year or more that quality and knowledge is crucial in LED lighting. Customers also need expert guidance from trusted, reputable suppliers because an LED is not exactly like the old incandescent bulb.

The components are different, more complex and the engineering presents different challenges. If you are going to invest in an LED light, then you need to be sure that it will perform as promised.

Unfortunately, there are LEDs on the market that are of very poor manufacturing quality, using shoddy components that we know will fail quickly. With LEDs, you are buying an electronics product in effect so every part must well-designed, fit for purpose and well constructed.

Cheap-as-chips LEDs are not worth the packaging they come in – worse still, some of them are downright dangerous, as we’ve advised over the past year. You can watch this video to see why:

YouTube video

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we only work with trusted manufacturers and choose LEDs that are exhaustively tested by independent labs, with the best components to guarantee very long life and maximum energy-savings.

Big Energy Savings

The Which? report is timely, published at the same time as the Citizens Advice Bureau is promoting Big Energy Saving Week, offering guidance to people who want to reduce energy bills. We’re here to help as well, and each day we’ll be offering advice and tips on ways for you to cut energy and water consumption, cut bills and cut carbon footprint.

To support Big Energy Saving Week, we’re offering a ‘2 for 1’ deal today on our Armadillo Falcon GU10 – top quality from a trusted manufacturer.

Our LEDs are proven in a wide range of settings, from homes to offices, showrooms, care homes and amusement parks – and the most demanding 24/7 environments of hotels.

We know which LED products are the best solution – at home and at work. You wouldn’t buy a Formula 1 machine to drive to the shops and in the same way, we’ll make sure you choose the right LED at the right price with guaranteed quality.

LED tested quality

And with quality LEDs you are making a long-term investment that will go on delivering the best light for many years, unlike other energy-saving options such as CFLs, which degrade with use over time, meaning you could lose up to 80% of the light quality as they get older. CFLs also contain mercury so need to be disposed of safely.

We have tried and tested hundreds of LED products over the last couple of years and also make it easy for you to choose exactly what LED spotlight you need with our product finder:

SMCC LED product finder

You can call us on 0845 123 5464 if you need expert advice on LED lighting – or other ways to take control of those spiralling energy and water bills.



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