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April 9, 2014

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Thinking about replacing or installing LED panels? These 10 top tips on LED panels should answer your questions.

Tip 1

Quality LED panels are an extremely effective and energy efficient way to light a working environment.

Tip 2

They are an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent ceiling fittings offering savings of up to 50% as well as very long life, which reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Tip 3

LED panels are the energy-saving option for 600×600 modular luminaires and fluorescent tubes, commonly found in most commercial installations.

Tip 4

What’s more, they distribute a higher, more consistent flicker-free light that improves the working environment, while they emit very little heat, so helping to take the pressure off heating and ventilation costs.

Tip 5

We provide a range of LED panels to meet all needs, from our entry level panel at under £100 ex VAT, through to leading big brand panels by Philips and EcoLED.

Tip 6

You need to ensure that that your LED panels comply with regulations for the area where they will be installed. Not all panels meet the fire ratings in Part B Building Regulations.

Tip 7

The EcoLED Panel is IP44 rated and fully compliant with Part B Building Regulations for office spaces, foyers, corridors and exit routes in the event of a fire.

Tip 8

For less critical areas such as storage and warehouses our entry level panel offers similar light quality but at a much more cost effective price. The range also includes a number of Emergency LED panel options.

Tip 9

In office areas where computer monitors are being used, it is also important to choose an LED panel that does not have too much glare. You may also opt for one of our dimmable panels which are fully compatible with our occupancy and daylight sensing wireless controls from Lutron, for even more control and greater potential savings.

Tip 10

Check out our handy LED panel downloadable guide for more information.

For multi-pack or trade pricing, call our Trade Team on 01284 336788.



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