LED Chandelier Lighting

LED Chandelier Lighting

Chandelier and candelabra lighting lamps and bulbs have traditionally been incandescent, offering a candle lamp with a good quality light. Since the invention of LED lighting, trying to create a traditional looking candle LED for chandeliers has been hard, until now. With changes and improvements in LED design, over the past few months we have seen more of these conventional looking LED Chandelier compatible candles, appear on the market.

Many modern and older chandeliers have different fitting types such as bayonet and edison screw, fortunately LED lights gives you the flexibility of being able to offer both these fittings whilst providing the energy savings and other benefits that LED has to offer.

Benefits of LED Chandelier Lighting

  • Energy usage reduction of up to 80%
  • Helps cut the cost of your energy bills
  • Up to 25,000 hour lifetime compared to 1000 - 2500 for incandescent
  • Lower maintenance as have to be replaced less frequently
  • Less heat output from the chandelier or candelabra
  • Sleek design help make new LEDs fit in with classical decor
  • Available in a number of fitting types

Whilst some people may think the investment to move from incandescent to LED is an expensive one, the long term benefits such as those above outweigh those of incandescent and finally, these can now be shared with those in the LED Chandelier lamp market.

How much would I save by installing LED Chandelier Lighting and is it worth it compared to Incandescent?

One of the greatest advantages of converting to LED is without a doubt the savings. Compared to a traditional 40W incandescent lamp, by installing an LED with only 6W power you could see savings £7.45 a year with low home use per bulb and in a hospitality or retail environment these savings could be closer to £18 a year per bulb.

Even with 12 hours a day usage, this bulb example would last just under 5 years, which offers great payback compared to Incandescent which would need to be changed every 4/5 months.

Are they easy to install and do I need an electrician?

Installing an LED bulb is just as easy as installing an incandescent bulb, simply unscrew the edison or bayonet fitting and replace with the LED. The advantage of LED Chandelier bulbs is that replacing would have to be done much less often. Especially with chandeliers which can be high up, hard to reach and extremely delicate, doing this job less often due to installing LEDs with longer lifespan is a huge advantage.

Philips LED Chandelier Candle DiamondSpark Range

LED Chandelier Lighting, as stated previously has always been notoriously hard to find, especially lamps which would fit in with the decoration on chandeliers whilst still offering a high light quality. From our research into the brand new Philips DiamondSpark range, we have seen that this particular range offers high light output of 80 CRI as well as an improved ‘lotus’ lens which gives the sparkle effect which lots of other LED candle bulbs haven’t been able to achieve.

Philips LED Chandelier Candle in Harrods
Philips LED Chandelier Candle in Harrods

The Philips LED Candle DiamondSpark range have recently been used at an installed in the Wedgwood concession in Harrods, London. The Philips Candle LED Chandelier lamps were chosen for their high quality light output and design which suited the chandeliers as well as the high value product on sale. The 2700K warm white colour render makes it perfect for the home environment too.

Available in both 4W and 6W LED, in a variety of edison and bayonet fittings, the Philips DiamondSpark LED range is perfect for any requirement.

Below are link to a couple of the Philips LED Candle Chandelier lamps

Watch the video below and see how well these Philips LED DiamondSpark Candles work in Harrods

YouTube video

Verbatim LED VxRGB Natural Vision Candle

Another, warmer looking alternative for LED Chandelier lighting compared to the Philips DiamondSpark range if the Verbatim VxRGB Natural Vision. This particular 2.5W bulb offers huge energy savings of up to 90% as it can act as a direct replacement for a 25W incandescent and at 1900K its an extremely warm bulb which offers a superb candle like light output.

Click below to have a look at the Verbatim VxRGB Natural Vision Candle product page

The sleek design of this bulb makes it excellent for chandeliers and candelabras and the design of the light has been made to as closely resemble a candle as possible.

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