Interior LED Lighting

LED lighting is a rapidly growing and evolving sector that is widely expected to continue to see further growth as the technology becomes more widely accepted in the mainstream.

In 2011, the LED lighting market was estimated to be worth around £105 million at manufacturers’ selling prices. LED-T8-Tubes-UK-Barracuda.jpgEnergy efficiency continues to play a pivotal role in the market, driven by global legislative changes and ever-increasing fuel bills. The UK government appears to remain committed to promoting the use of energy efficient products.

We help organisations put sustainability at the heart of their business strategy and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Sectors that have benefitted from our Interior LED solutions include hotels, hospitals, offices, restaurants and bars, holiday parks, factories and warehouses, holiday parks, schools, police stations and gyms. Popular Interior LED lighting products include our 5Watt GU10 (the preferred LED bulb of many top lighting designers), rugged LED tubes and 600 x 600mm LED Panels. The commercial or non-domestic sector dominates the LED market by value. This sector has been quicker to take up LED technology as it is more focused on long term running costs, whilst research indicates that domestic users are likely to be put off by the initial cost. However, purchasing quality interior LED light bulbs that last in excess of 50,000 hours (whereas typical incandescent light bulbs last approximately 1,000 hours and fluorescents are good for roughly 6,000 hours) the initial cost should possibly be viewed as a sound investment and worthy of serious consideration.



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