How to use your stasher bag

Stasher bags are endlessly reusable so that means they have endless possibilities. You can use the variety of Stasher bags to store dry goods, use on-the-go, freeze leftovers and cook – you name it! We’ve attempted to cover as many ideas as we can so get stuck in and uncover all the potential ways to make your life easier and more sustainable.

What food can I store in my Stasher Bag? 

Dry goods 

Buying dry goods from a local refill shop or the bulk aisle in your local supermarket (if you have one) is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact. All you have to do is bring your Stasher bag along and fill it up with nuts, dried fruit, oats or popcorn so you can reduce unnecessary packaging waste. The major benefit here is that you only purchase what you need. So, if you’re baking brownies, you buy just enough flour so that nothing goes to waste. I’m sure we’ve all been there when we look in our cupboard and see five unopened bags of flour that we forgot about, well no need anymore.

Make a salad 

You can fill your Stasher bag with fresh leaves and vegetables and bring it along on your daily walk or into the office for lunch. Top tip: use the Pocket Stasher Bag for a dressing so that you can pour it on when you want.

Store your herbs 

Save those bundles of flavour neatly so you can pick and choose as you need them.

Instant pot and slow cooker meals 

Save yourself the effort of scrubbing and use the Stand Up Stasher Bag instead. It’s designed to fit perfectly inside your pot or slow cooker. All you have to do is fill it with your curry, soups and stews and drop it in the pot to cook. The Stand Up Stasher Bag has a wider opening so you can use your ladle easily. Once you’ve devoured your meal, pop it in the dishwasher and save on mess! For tips, read our guide about how to wash and dry your Stasher bags.

Store liquids 

The Stand Up Stasher Bag is also useful for storing liquids like smoothies and soup, upright in the fridge or freezer.

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Store baked goods

If you’re one of the few people that can save their freshly baked goods for more than one day, store them in a tight-sealed Stasher bag in your cupboard.

Make the most of your freezer 

If you properly manage and store your food, there’s no need to waste anything and that’s where your best friend comes in, the freezer.

Use an ice cube tray for portion sizing 

These simple things are actually super handy. Pour in your milk, pesto or baby food and once frozen, pop out the portions into your Stand Up Stasher Bag and freeze them again until you need them. It will save you time, reduce waste and improve your sustainable living.

Freeze fresh herbs

Fresh herbs can be frozen in olive oil and transferred to a Stasher Bag to withhold fragrance and flavour.

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You can even freeze your vegetables 

This is handy if you get given a load from a neighbour, your very own garden or if the supermarket has a good deal on. Vegetables can be stored in the freezer for up to a year, providing they don’t get freezer burn (caused by oxygen hitting the frozen food). To prevent this, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before freezing. Note: lettuce and cucumbers don’t fare well in the freezer.

Try blanching 

Not entirely necessary but some people find that blanching long-term vegetables can help retain nutrients and texture. This involves dunking washed and peeled vegetables into boiling water for a few minutes before popping them the into ice-cold water and draining and packaging them.

Freeze a mix of fruit or vegetables

For a quick fix, have a Sandwich Stasher Bag readymade with fruit or vegetables in to make a morning smoothie or have the perfect amount of veg ready for your stir fry or stew.

Save leftovers 

Don’t let anything go to waste. Storing your leftovers means you can grab dinner as soon as you’re hungry or can’t be bothered to cook. Split your leftover lasagne into separate portions and pop them into your Half-Gallon or Stand Up Stasher Bags. Don’t forget to write the date on your bag with a ball point pen or dry erase marker so you know when to eat it by – it will wash off with a damp towel.

We know how busy it can be to juggle the home-work balance, especially when you’re doing it all under the same roof, so saving time is a must! By planning meals in advance and freezing them for the week or having odd bits saved to minimise prepping time means that nothing is going to be forgotten about in the back of the fridge and no sacred time will be wasted in the kitchen. Plus, Stasher Bags are heat resistant so they can go straight from the freezer into the oven or microwave.


On-the-go life savers 

  • You never know when you’ll need one so Stasher bags are handy to keep in your handbag or car.
  • Store your dirty gym clothes or wet swimsuit in a separate Stasher bag – you don’t have to worry about any odour because Stasher is made of silicone which is nonporous, inhibiting bacterial growth and smells. Also, make sure you always have a Snack Stasher Bag stocked up with protein snacks inside your gym kit.
  • Keep your gadgets and cords safe. Your headphones can fit perfectly in the Pocket Stasher Bag while your camera lenses and batteries would fit in a larger bag depending on the size of your gear.
  • Keep your travel essentials all in one place like your passport, plasters, tampons, sunscreen, odd bits of jewellery, sunglasses and hand sanitiser.
  • Save your waste when you’re out and about in your Stasher bag until you can dispose of it in a bin.
  • Keep a handful of dog treats in the Pocket Stasher Bag inside your coat pocket.
  • Have a few business cards handy, you never know when opportunities will arise!

Other ideas 

  • For parents, use Stasher bags for pacifiers, bottles, breast pump parts, toys or even dirty nappies.
  • Store all the arts and crafts in one place like paints, ribbon and fabric scraps.
  • Keep potting soil and compost.
  • Use Stasher as a pencil case.
  • Store lego.
  • Keep spare coins in the car for parking.
  • Keep your favourite lipsticks safe in your handbag.
  • Food – use your Stasher bags to marinade chicken, bring it with you to a restaurant in case you can’t finish your meal or store loose tea leaves.

Like we said, endless possibilities. So save time, improve your sustainable living and get stashing!


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