How to solve these common problems in your commercial restroom

When you hear “toilet problem” you tend to close your eyes, hold your nose and walk away.

However, not all toilet problems involve you needing to run for the hills.

In fact, some of the most common issues toilets have in commercial restrooms is that they’re wasting money, usually without you even noticing it.

And when you consider how many toilets may be, for example, installed in a service station – how many £££s are being flushed down the pan?

High water usage

The average toilet in the UK uses 9 litres of water per flush, meaning that just 10 flushes would use enough water to fill a standard sized bathtub.

Don’t forget that’s also assuming that the toilet is running correctly, whereas it’s not uncommon for toilets to leak causing water to always be flowing into the pan.

Flush time creates a queue

A normal toilet can sometimes take up to 40-45 seconds to flush and refill. Now whilst that may not seem like a lot, imagine a busy restroom at the end of 3-hour long movie at a large cinema. There are going to be queues, and those queues will only become worse when toilets are taking a longer time to refill.

By having a toilet that refills quickly, you reduce the possibility of there being a queue – thus making your customers happy.


The level of hygiene in some public restrooms can sometimes leave you wondering “how on earth did you get it UP THERE?!”.

Some people just aren’t capable of using a toilet correctly – and that can’t be avoided.

But what can be avoided is bacteria being spread into the air when the toilet is flushed. If a lid is left up when a toilet is flushed, then any bacteria in there will become airborne thus increasing the spread of germs.

How do you solve all these problems?

Reducing water, queues and airborne bacteria can all be avoided by installing the Propelair High-Performance Toilet.

This toilet is incredibly unique in that it only uses 1.5 litres of water per flush, meaning that water bills can be reduced by 60%!

A combination of water and air create a high-powered flush that remove any waste in the pan. There also won’t be a long queue as each flush and refill only takes 20 seconds.

The lid is required to be shut so that an airlock can be made, thus reducing the possibility that bacteria will become airborne in the room once the toilet is flushed.

To further reduce the spread of bacteria, the latch on the lid has SteriTouch built-in which is the market-leading antimicrobial additive that provides even greater defence against spread of germs and associated impact on health and

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