How to reduce your energy bill by £100

No, it doesn’t involve switching energy suppliers.

By constantly changing energy suppliers in an effort to reduce your energy bill, you’re missing the point.

Yes it makes sense to go with the best provider, but once you’re with them – what do you do then?

You should be reducing your energy usage             

We all know the bad energy habits that we should avoid:

  • Leaving lights on in rooms we’re not on
  • Having the heating on whilst nobody is home
  • Running the shower whilst you’re not in it

But there is more that can be done, it just requires a little investment – but hear me out.

Efficient and high-quality products such as LED lighting, eco-showers and smart products can slash a significant amount of money off your energy bill.

Yes they require investment, but they pay for themselves within a few months – and we have the data to prove it.

Phillips SceneSwitch Bulb

This LED bulb has 3 different settings that allow you to adjust the type of lighting it puts out.

Want a bright light? You got it. Want a softer light for reading? You got it. Want a super soft light for a romantic night on the sofa? Oh, you got it.

The intelligence is in the bulb, so you don’t need a dimmer or other additional installation. You simply install it just like any other lightbulb.

Made by Phillips, this is a high-quality bulb from a brand you can trust.

With a long life span of 15,000 hours gives you peace of mind with highest quality light. Plus, with a life span that long – imagine how many bulbs you’ll be keeping out of landfill!

You can watch a video here of the bulb being used in a demonstration of energy savings from LED bulbs.

Buy 5 of these bulbs and you can see a saving of £100+

hansgrohe Crometta 1Jet EcoSmart Hand Shower

Personally, this is THE product that opened my eyes. In my house, there’s usually at least 1 shower being taken a day which can sometimes take 30 minutes (girlfriend, long thick hair). Our previous shower was 18 litres per minute. The Hansgrohe Crometta is 6 litres per minute. Did we notice a change in pressure? No, we didn’t.

Changing to this shower head saves us around £110 per year on our water bill. That’s an incredible saving, and it doesn’t stop there. Less water means less energy needed to heat that water. Win win!

Sophisticated EcoSmart technology in the shower head combines special spray jets with technology that mixes water with air to reduce water consumption by up to 60% without any effect on the shower experience.

Based on average shower usage, just one of these shower heads could save you £50 a year!

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