How Soraa Brilliant HL is the perfect choice to meet new lighting regulations

New building regulations have just come into force to ensure that any lighting installed in new builds or extended properties needs to be super-efficient.

The changes focus mainly on making new constructions more sustainable. The update to building regulations Part L means that all new homes in England will have to produce around 30% less carbon emissions and new buildings will have to cut emissions by 27%.

For engineers, electrical contractors, consultants and lighting designers it’s essential to prepare and  guarantee compliance for any lighting developments – in hotels, galleries, offices, universities, schools and so on. And selecting Soraa Brilliant HL is the perfect solution. The range is super-efficient and complies with the new regulations while also delivering excellent quality light.

Soraa Brilliant HL is a perfect match in specialised settings such as hotels and galleries where lighting accounts for much of the energy used. The range delivers both efficiency and quality.

High-quality lighting

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities says the regulation changes “mark an important step on our journey towards a cleaner, greener built environment and it supports us in our target to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050”.

UK buildings need to be as energy efficient as possible, which means that low-energy, high-quality lighting is now a “must-have” in most buildings.  The Part L regulations are in force when a building has been extended or when an existing lighting system is being replaced as part of rewiring works.

Lighting accounts for around 20% of electricity used in the UK, according to the Carbon Trust. This rises to 39% in an average office building with specialised settings like healthcare facilities consuming 43% and hotels 55%.

The new regulations crystallise the urgent need to find ways to reduce consumption but with no negative impacts on productivity and service

The updated regulations are primarily focused on new non-domestic buildings but also include policies for existing non-domestic buildings and new and existing housing.

In new buildings (non-domestic), the minimum lighting efficacy has been raised to 80 luminaire lumens per circuit watt for display lighting and 95 for general lighting

Soraa High CRI Image

General light fittings

The regulations update is quite complex but for lighting in new buildings other than dwellings (non-domestic) to comply with Part L, the sum of all general light fittings need average 95 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, compared with the previous 60 luminaire lumens.

Soraa Brilliant HL is the company’s first highly efficient and high-lumen range of lamps. The halogen replacement provides lighting designers with new opportunities to illuminate spaces with an energy efficient, high lumen and colour quality light source.

What’s more, Soraa’s unique Snap System and best-in-class Point Source Optics provide flexibility with clean beam control.

Clients often have to choose between more lumens or better colour quality for an installation but this is no problem with the Soraa Brilliant HL family of lamps that offer 90-92 CRI, beautiful red rendering along with 100 more lumens over the standard Brilliant lamp range.

Soraa Brilliant HL opens the door for applications with high ceilings or specific requirements on light levels, such as stadiums and airports. Given these lamps offer 100 more lumens with crisp beam control, customers have more options.


Lighting controls

The UK building regulations have also incorporated lighting controls for the first time and using Soraa lamps with a lighting control system like Lutron RA-2 Select is the ideal solution for customers and clients who want personalised lighting controls with convenience, more comfort and enhanced peace of mind.

RA-2 Select is a perfect energy-saving smart solution for electricians, property developers, builders and lighting designers, offering cost savings and even more efficiency.

For reference Part L Lighting comprises:

  • L1A New dwellings.
  • L1B Existing dwellings.
  • L2A New buildings other than dwellings.
  • L2B Existing buildings other than dwellings.

L1A and L1B documents refer to the domestic building compliance guide while documents L2A and L2B refer to the Non-domestic building compliance guide. These can be downloaded here.

To find out more about the Soraa range and solutions for compliance with the new regulation, speak to our lighting product specialist Gemma Turner on  07818 256245.

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