SaveMoneyCutCarbon Team’s Top Waste Reduction Tips

As a sustainable green company, we like to practice what we preach and reducing waste is something very close to our hearts.


We all want to do our bit to make a difference by reducing waste so over the next few weeks we will be giving you our top ten tips on how to reduce waste and what we are doing to help the environment.

Below you’ll find 10 members of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team passing on their anti-waste pearls of wisdom!

1. We will be installing Grohe Blue & Red taps in the office, so all staff can refill flasks for filtered cooled water and have instant hot water to reduce kettle boiling. Reduce plastic and enjoy still or sparkling water straight from the tap with our Grohe filtered water taps Mark Sait – CEO


2. Think before you print. Do you really need to print that? Do you know how many sheets of paper you printed last month? Measure change over time. If you need to print use both sides to halve consumption – Holden Cook – COO

3. I do a lot of shopping in second-hand stores, this reduced waste overall as the whole process of making the item has already been done, and also obviously a lot kinder to the purse! – Vicky Moors – Major Accounts Manager


4. Purchased a Soda Stream as we were drinking about 8 litres a of sparkling water per week. That’s four plastic bottles less a week for us now (208 a year!) – Martyn Abbott – Head of Online

5. Use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags – several tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep the tea bags from falling apart – Hazel Barraclough – Marketing Assistant

6. I have switched all my lights at home to LED. View our range of LED lighting offering up to 85% less energy consumption – Simon Blaaser – Regional Sales Manager

7. I will be cycling to work (and other places) whenever possible, rather than jumping in the car – Carolyn Sait Executive Assistant

8. Last year, I had the walls checked in my house and had a cavity wall installed to reduce any wasted heat, this was a government-funded scheme, so look for local schemes that can help your home to be more efficient – Hannah Deeley – Consultative Sales Executive


9. I changed the shower head to a water saving one. Have a look at our showers that could reduce your energy and water bills by 50% without comprising on quality – Craig Kepner – Web Content Executive

10. I always wash my clothes on the Eco-wash setting on the washing machine – Danni Brown – Category Marketing Manager – LED



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