How long does Grohe blue filter last?

There’s nothing more refreshing than a simple glass of cool, clear, fresh water and you get that every time with Grohe Blue – but how long does the system’s filter last?

Extensive tests by Grohe have determined that the small size water filter will last you for up to 12 months with regular normal use, giving you 600 litres of the best tasting water – in fact the water you get tastes as good as the leading brands of mineral water and is even better in terms of freshness of taste, according to a blind test.

When you’ve made your choice of Grohe Blue fitting, then you can instantly enjoy a trouble-free supply of the best quality water available.

The quantity of litres you get will vary slightly, depending on the carbonate hardness of the water. While the small filter lasts for up to a year, you can choose a medium size that gives 1500 litres of filtered water, right up to a large filter that provides 3000 litres.

Activated carbon filter

You can choose the Grohe Blue activated carbon filter, which is designed for soft water areas and improves the taste by removing chlorine and metal substances but does not filter out carbonate hardness.

Or you could go for the Grohe Blue magnesium+ filter, which brings additional health benefits by adding magnesium to the water during the unique five-step filtration process. Two litres of Grohe Blue Home contains as much magnesium as 4 apples – up to 35 mg per litre.

And if you really enjoy top quality tea and coffee, this would be a good option, with the added magnesium delivering the best-tasting tea and coffee possible. Thanks to the ultimate purity of the filtered water, the aromas can develop to the full – for an unforgettable café crema.

All the filters have the same connections and when the filter is depleted, it will no longer be able to purify the water but will allow normal tap drinking water to pass through it.

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Grohe is now offering new versions of the large and medium water filters, designed for the Blue range. Both filters are smaller but importantly have the same capacity as the previous options. The older larger and medium filters are being phased out. The M-size dimensions are 31.5cm high x 8.8cm diameter (old version: 37.6cm x 11cm) and the L-size dimensions are 35cm high x 10.3cm diameter (old version: 35cm high x 10.3 diameter).

Grohe now also have a more detailed water hardness chart with 6 levels in place of the previous 4.

How do I know when to change the filter?

The LED display in the fitting’s left handle indicates the filter capacity:

  • Continuous blue light – more than 10% filter capacity
  • Flashing blue light – less than 10% filter capacity and time to order a filter cartridge
  • Rapidly flashing orange light – less than 1% filter capacity so the filter cartridge must be changed.

The electronics are adapted to the local flow rate conditions during installation.

Bear in mind that the filters are specifically designed for use in the Grohe Blu system and commercially available filters cannot be used. You don’t need professional help to replace your filter and it’s an easy 4-step process:

  • Unscrew the filter from the filter head
  • Press the left button twice to reset the digital display
  • Screw the new filter into the filter head
  • When the display shows 99% filter capacity Grohe Blue is ready to go again

There’s no need to turn off the mains as there are isolating valves built-in to the filter head. When the filter is removed it automatically shuts off the water.

You can also adapt the filter to different water hardnesses. There is an adjusting screw on the top of the filter head and you can contact your local water supplier to find out what type of water is being provided.

Grohe is committed to designing and delivering premium quality products with additional benefits, The company has ensured that the Grohe Blue filtration system features an ion exchanger which reduces carbonate hardness and binds heavy metal ions such as lead and copper. You will find most competitors have filters with just active carbon that removes chloride.

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Five steps to purity

Grohe Blue filters use a five-step filtration process that removes even the smallest particles from tap water, but at the same time ensures all the important minerals that benefit your health are kept:

Step 1: Pre-filtration: Filters out coarse particles of sand and dirt.

Step 2: Activated carbon pre-filter: Removes chlorine, certain organic compounds including insecticides and pesticides.

Step 3: High-performance ion exchanger: Removes limescale and metal substances

Step 4: Activated carbon filtration: Bypass water is filtered and purified while keeping essential minerals.

Step 5: Fine filtration: Captures even the finest remaining particles.

Better for the planet

It takes an astonishing 7 litres of water just to produce a single litre of bottled water, not to mention the energy used and the CO2 emissions created. A study by the University of Göttingen found that using Grohe Blue for pure water resulted in massive reduction of 61 %  in CO2 emissions compared to bottled water.

Choosing Grohe Blue means no more heavy loads of bottled water from the regular shopping trips and it also frees up a load of space in your fridge.

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