How hotel owners can save £500 per guest room a year with SaveMoneyCutCarbon self-financing green makeover deal

We have found over the past couple of years that one of the biggest barriers to hotel owners taking the plunge with energy and water-saving strategies is capital expenditure concerns.

We have now removed this barrier, allowing hotels to pay for a “green” makeover of guest rooms out of savings made. It just makes good business sense with savings by reducing waste approaching £500 per room per year. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon guest room green makeover could not be a more straightforward way for hotels to save money, energy and water, cut carbon footprint and earn green certification. We install 6-8 LED light bulbs, shower head, tap aerators, toilet cistern bag, HVAC control and even develop the in-room marketing tailored to your hotel. The process is easy. We survey and then install in one guest room for hotel sign off and verification of savings. Hotels then sign off on one room and we install in others. We cover all ‘fix and replace’ for the duration of the contract. Our detailed research and trials in real-world hotels shows that these savings are pretty much guaranteed. Call us on 0333 123 5464 now or contact us to talk more about how you, as a hotel owner or manager can cut your energy and water costs, cut carbon and gain the marketing advantage of being green. Here’s our range of solutions in detail that describe how hotels can easily cut their energy and water costs, while cutting carbon and so going green at the same time: Heating and Air-conditioning Our recommended HVAC solution uses the latest wireless technology to connect the micro sensors so installation is very quick – equivalent to the room being cleaned – that means rooms do not have to be taken out of service.

The single most important piece of information needed for any HVAC solution is to identify whether a room is occupied quickly. And the most effective way to find out is through a combination of sensors, including an entry-door monitor and one or more occupancy sensors. Every second longer that a system takes to determine occupancy means less efficiency and dramatically-reduced savings. Our recommended solution also means improved guest satisfaction. When they are in the hotel room, the system is under their control via the existing thermostat. Unlike many key card solutions, the guest is not even aware that the system is working tosave your hotel money. Systems that do not use a combination of sensors to determine occupancy either create unnecessary guest discomfort or less than optimal energy savings. Shower heads This newly developed shower head was carefully selected and tested by us in a busy hotel. It is leading the next generation of aerated shower heads that mix water with air far more effectively to reduce water consumption. Earlier models did change the shower experience, were noisy and had difficulty working with low water pressures but this new patented dual venturi head is combined with a unique and specially designed mixer head, giving maximum savings, without affecting the shower quality across a wider range of water pressures.

Eco shower heads save hotels money on water bills and energy costs This sleek, streamlined new design also features our new faceplate with wipe-clean rubber nodules to prevent limescale build-up, with coloured trims to add style to your hotel shower room. An added design feature is that the vent hole in the shower stem allows water to drain from the shower head after use, providing enhanced protection against bacteria. The shower head is easy to retro fit and robustly designed meet the tough day to day requirements of a busy hotel. Remove your existing unit and simply screw the new head onto your existing fitting. The shower head is available in standard hand-held, fixed or rain-head options. And our innovative green financing options make it even easier for hotels to invest in carbon-cutting technologies that pay for themselves from day one, with the savings you make. Taps Tap aerators restrict the flow of water from taps without reducing water pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect. In many hotels, taps in the guest bathrooms or kitchens can flow up to 18 litres a minute. Just imagine how much water and energy is wasted if the taps are left running while cleaning teeth or washing the dishes.

Hotels save money and cut carbon with tap aerator solutions Our water and energy-saving tap aerator kit will reduce the flow rate on all taps to a mere 3.5 litres a minute, saving up to 12 litres a minute and reducing the amount of water you use by more than 60%.

This simple and cost-effective solution is guaranteed to make your tap outlet extremely water and energy efficient. The water and energy saving tap aerator kit is unique because you don’t need to replace the external chrome or steel casing (outlet housing) found with conventional tap restrictors – you simply replace the internal plastic parts with the aerated water/energy saving system.

The system employs intelligent flow control (PCA) which self-compensates for system pressure. The pack is sufficient for one tap conversion and will fit up to 85% of taps. In the unlikely event that your taps cannot take the aerated adaptors we can help you with our wide range of water and energy saving taps.

Benefits: Reduces waste of water and energy, by up to 60% on most taps.

Flow rate of 3.5 litres a minute compared to standard wasteful output of up to 18 litres. Offers savings up to 300% on water usage on taps with uncontrolled stream

Easy to fit – converts wash basins with minimum interruption. Fully aerated stream-limiting splash High quality construction

Contains anti-limescale materials approved to BS6920 for potable water Aerated stream reduces detergent use when washing, which helps the environment. Enhanced velocity of stream added to aeration gives improved comfort.

Use of original housing retains design and aesthetics of original tap.


Our selection of the latest LED replacement bulbs and direct compact fluorescent bulbs are designed to replace your hotel’s traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. These energy saving bulbs retain the classic light bulb design are available in 7,9,11,15 & 20 watt options, as direct replacements for traditional 50, 60, 75 & 100 watt bulbs, and come in a variety of standard cap shapes, making them easy to retro fit to existing light fittings, without affecting the aesthetics of the lighting in your hotel. Offering high energy efficiency combined with long life, making them very cost effective. However, these energy saving bulbs last up to 10 times longer, and are often 70% more energy efficient than their incandescent or halogen equivalents. Our LED energy saving replacement bulbs save you the most energy and have the longest life. They run cooler in temperature, so are considered safer where the light fitting may be touched. The LED lamp allows your halogen light fitting to have the low energy and long life benefits of an LED fitting; it simply retrofits into existing halogen fixtures, equivalent to a 50W GU10 halogen lamp and, like a halogen lamp, is dimmable. It lasts for 25,000 hours and consumes just 7W.

Beware of cheap imports that do not meet all the necessary lighting and safety standards. All our light fittings and lamps in this section comply with at least one of the Part L lighting regulations: L1A New Dwellings, L1B Existing Dwellings, L2A New Buildings other than Dwellings, L2B Existing Buildings other than Dwellings All of our selected bulbs are CE Marked: bulbs meet all the essential requirements of all applicable EU directives, they are Part L Domestic Energy Saving Recommended: Compliant with Part L1A and L1B in the 2010 building regulations. Achieving at least 45 Lumens/Watt and Part L Commercial Energy Saving Recommended: Compliant with Part L2A and L2B in the 2010 building regulations. Achieving at least 55 Lumens/Watt.

Call us on 0333 123 5464 now or contact us to talk more about how you, as a hotel owner or manager can cut your energy and water costs, cut carbon and gain the marketing advantage of being green.



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