Have you heard the one about the lower energy tariffs that cost more?

Sadly this is no joke.  The government is proud of its ambition to force energy companies to switch customers onto the lowest possible tariff for gas and electricity by summer 2014.

As part of this, the companies are also being forced to simplify the tariff system and reduce the number of packages from the current bewildering array to only 4 each for gas and electricity.

I am not alone in my scepticism of this move – it is entirely possible that this could actually mean increased costs for many. There has been much in the news about the need for transparency in the six biggest energy companies as public opinion and trust in them plummets, especially surrounding the recent huge price hikes.

As a response, Energy UK, trade body of the big six, has appointed Angela Knight as its Chief Executive to help deal with the rising public displeasure. Yes, the same lady who headed up the British Bankers Association at the height of the banking crisis.

It is no wonder we feel cynical. Despite government attempts to help simplify and minimise energy costs for homes and businesses it seems that, to protect ourselves, we all need to get our own house in order and to reduce this cost burden and that means cutting consumption.

One way to do this is by switching to more efficient products and another way is to change habits. Here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon we offer a one stop shop for products which will make daily life more efficient without impacting your day-to-day behaviour.

Here is a quick checklist of 5 simple things you can do to help reduce your bills:

  • Fit tap aerators to all taps – reduces water usage by up to 50%
  • Change to eco-shower heads – reduces water usage and energy to heat the water by 45%
  • Change light bulbs and tubes to LED – save up to 85% energy and lasts 50,000hrs
  • Manage your heating / air conditioning system more efficiently
  • Improve the efficiency of your boiler



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