hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart: Product Review

hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart: Product Review

Being round a wide selection of hansgrohe shower heads all the time it was hard to decide which one to upgrade to but I finally decided on the hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart Hand Held Shower Head.

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The first thing you notice when you take the Select E120 out of the box is the size of the shower head itself. The model number (in this case 120) stands for the size of the shower head in mm. The E120 has a 120mm head diameter.

Being somebody who likes new technology, I love the ‘Select’ button. On my previous shower head, the only way you could change the flow type was to twist the shower head itself. I always considered this way of doing it frustrating as it would either be stiff or hard to turn or splash at you whilst your hand is covering the water flow.


The ‘Select’ technology of this head makes it simple as with a press of a button, you can easily choose between the 3 different spray patterns without any hassle whatsoever. The button itself is easy to push down and doesn’t take effort or strength to use.

The hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance is available in either a Chrome or White/Chrome finish. I personally went for the Chrome finish as it matches the other products in my bathroom but the white design looks modern and stylish.

Taking into account the size of this shower head, its not too heavy at all. This is important to consider when purchasing a hand held as you want to be able to pick it up and easily and use it in the shower.

Easy to install

Fitting a new hand held shower head generally is an easy job. The hansgrohe Select E120, as with other shower heads can be fitted within a couple of minute. Simply unscrew your old shower head from the hose and screw the new one on. One thing you have to be aware of though is the washer, its important to ensure this sits flat between the shower hose you’re attaching it to and the shower head itself.

At home, I have attached this shower head to a hansgrohe Isiflex Shower Hose which was easy to do, although hansgrohe products are universal in terms of fitting so even if you have a non hansgrohe shower hose, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Why would you buy a hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart Hand Held Shower Head?

  • Looks modern and stylish
  • Brand new 'Select' button technology
  • Easy to clean with 'QuickClean' technology
  • EcoSmart technology which will save you money and reduce your water bill
  • Chrome finish
  • Choice of 3 spray patterns
  • Large 120mm shower head diameter
  • 5 year hansgrohe product warranty

Easy to clean

The hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart is very easy to clean and keep looking new. As with most hansgrohe shower heads, it comes with QuickClean technology which allows you to easily wipe away limescale and build up from the head of the shower without having to use harsh chemicals to clean it. The QuickClean technology from hansgrohe on this shower head gives you silicon rubber nozzles where the water sprays out which can easily be rubbed over with your thumb to clean.

Traditionally, lots of shower heads have hard plastic nozzles which are hard to clean unless you take the shower head apart or soak in cleaning fluid for long periods of time to clear the limescale.

Spray patterns

Each of the 3 different spray patterns on the hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart have a different purpose and. The rain setting is perfect for getting shampoo out of your hair, like a traditional shower spray flow. The RainAir offers a gentle and smooth showering experience with air-enriched water drops and finally, the WhirlAir offers a more powerful and concentrated spray effect which is perfect for a massaging sensation.

Take a look at this hansgrohe video to learn more about the 3 flow patterns.

What does EcoSmart mean?

EcoSmart is a technology developed by hansgrohe to help people save water and importantly money on their water bills. With hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, your daily shower water usage is reduced by up to 60%. This reduction in consumption also leads to a lower energy requirements as less water needs to be heated, in turn, this mean fewer CO2 emissions and lower overall costs.

How much will it save me?

The Select E120 Raindance runs at 9 litres per minute compared to an average shower flow of 15 litres per minute. With savings and reductions like this, using this shower once a day for 6 minutes will help provide savings of up to £48 a year, the equivalent of over 13,000 litres of water and 0.12 tonnes of CO2.

In a traditional family home, the savings are even greater. 20 minutes use a day will save you over £160 a year, 43,800 litres of water and 0.39 tonnes of CO2.

For further information or details on measurements and complete assembly details, take a look at the downloadable PDF’s below.

To view the hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart on the official hansgrohe site, click this link.



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