Halogen bulb ban comes into force today

The ban on mains voltage directional halogen bulbs comes into force today to reinforce moves to energy-efficient lighting.

Verbatim LED VxRadiator GU10 4W A++ 3000K 52324

The halogen ban is just one element of the European Union’s long-term strategy to deliver the required energy savings that will reduce CO2 emissions and help countries meet carbon reduction targets.

While the ban has its detractors, we think that it is a positive step in the long process of transforming the energy culture of the UK and other countries. LED bulbs use up to 85% less electricity than traditional bulbs and quality models can last for well over a decade.

Less waste

This means radically reduced carbon footprint through lower consumption along with less waste and maintenance costs.

And there is undoubtedly a pressing need for the UK as a whole, in businesses, organisations and homes to substantially reduce energy consumption and so take the intense pressure off the National Grid.

Currently, there are deep concerns that without big shifts in consumption patterns, there will be blackouts and brownouts during peak demand times across the country in the next couple of years.

Lighting partner Verbatim has been at the forefront of an online campaign to highlight the phase out of halogen GU10 bulbs and the company is also leading the way with its LED bulbs that provide excellent lighting quality with exceptional energy efficiency.

Rapid payback

The cost of LEDs continues to fall and by investing in quality products, consumers can be assured that they will achieve rapid payback, with continued substantial savings from LED GU10s for many years.

Now that the ban in in force, we would advise that businesses, organisations and domestic consumers should plan an orderly replacement of their current halogens with quality LEDs.

Do not be tempted by the “cheap-as-chips” LED bulbs – there is more than enough evidence that these not only provide very inferior light, they can be dangerous and have a high failure rate.

It’s definitely worth paying a little more for quality and peace of mind. While the multi-directional halogens have been reprieved for two more years, the savings in energy, maintenance and replacement means it makes sense to upgrade all lighting to LED now.

We have been asked how the European Commission came to its decision and why it promotes the adoption of LEDs. The Commission looked at affordability, performance, equivalence to existing models and compatibility. There was general agreement that the technology underlying LED lighting had developed to the point there these criteria were now being met.

From our extensive product research and testing, we feel our range of LED lights certainly meets these criteria. See our range of Verbatim GU10s and other LEDs and you can call use on 0845 123 5464 to discuss your halogen GU10 mains voltage replacement options.



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