Guide to Sustainable Spending shows how we can make a difference, cut consumption and still enjoy life

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The Guide to Sustainable Spending published this week shows how we make a difference, cut consumption and still enjoy life.

Like most of you, I have never bought into the idea that a sustainable lifestyle should involve self-flagellation, hair shirts and guilt, none of which have changed things for the better in the long term.

So it is very refreshing to see the Guide to Sustainable Spending from Blue & Green Tomorrow and also be a part of it through two articles focused on the consumer and business – showing how we can all cut consumption, slash energy and water bills, and reduce carbon footprint without feeling the pain.

The sustainability messages in the two articles reflect the need to rapidly find ways to live that go beyond unfettered consumption but which also do not diminish the quality of life.

In brief, cutting consumption should be as easy as breathing, just as unnoticed – and equally important.

The Guide to Sustainable Spending is an essential read for anyone, business or consumer, who wants to know how to reduce costs, their impact on the planet, make a positive difference to lives of producers in developing countries that we depend on, and find the smartest technological innovations to help make lives better, cleaner and more comfortable.

We’re working with sustainability partner Carlson Rezidor, and the global hotel group ticks all those boxes through its Think Planet strategy, as its detailed case study in the Guide to Sustainable Spending shows.

Download a copy of the Guide to Sustainable Spending and share it with your friends and colleagues – and enjoy cutting consumption the smart way.

If you want to talk to someone about how you can make your business more sustainable, or how to cut your energy costs at home, call us on 0333 123 5464.



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