Guardian Sustainable Business event reflects surge in interest across the UK

Guardian Sustainable Business - SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Looking forward to the Guardian Sustainable Business event tomorrow (18th July) on “How can business engage and motivate its employees to contribute to the sustainability agenda?”

The event is a live chat and you can connect through @GuardianSustBiz on Twitter. The Guardian team are also asking for Tweet questions now – use the hashtag #askGSB. We’ve been active in this space with companies recently and it does seem as though many are now seeing the potential benefits of tapping the powerful energy of employees who are committed to sustainability.

It is also a question of internal education, another aspect of our business that we are finding of increasing importance and part of a new form of Corporate Social Responsiblity.

The sustainability agenda encompasses many areas but we are seeing an incredible surge in awareness-raising reports, particularly over the past two to three weeks.

To use just a couple of examples, the “At Home With Water” report by the Energy Saving Trust, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and reports from many parts of the country advising caution with water use during this hot spell.

You can download an impressive infographic and the full report from the Energy Saving Trust website and while headlines focussed on better use of kettles and shorter showers, the meat of the report actually reinforces our view that eco-shower heads and tap aerators make the biggest difference.

While stories surfaced earlier in the year about the potential for electricity blackouts, actually the first casualty of overuse has been water provision, with parts of the country without a supply for up to nine hours last week.

This underlines the need to think holistically about how we sustain our lifestyles, including water, lighting and heating. You’ll find more info on our website and you can also talk to us about sustainable solutions, from expert business guidance for employees to a full range of products that deliver massive savings. Call 0845 123 5464 or just contact us.



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