Grohe SilkMove – Increasing energy savings with Cold Start taps

As energy prices continue to rise, customers, installers and manufacturers are looking for new ways to increase cost savings, especially where it relates to water usage in the home. One solution for this is cold start taps. The use of this technology is a great way of reducing the unnecessary use of your boiler.

When using a traditional single lever tap, both the hot-and-cold water flow is activated when the tap is opened in a central position. This causes the boiler to fire up and use unnecessary gas/oil, though the hot water rarely makes it to the tap and usually goes unused. On the other hand, a cold start tap only activates cold water when the single leaver is opened in a central position.

Installing cold start taps in your home is a great way of reducing your energy usage and saving yourself money on your yearly bill. Ultimately, a cold start tap would give instant access to hot water when required but avoid unnecessarily heating water by just turning the tap on.

Grohe SilkMove

Grohe SilkMove ES technology offers a unique smoothness of operation and responsible management of energy and water. The ES technology springs to life when opened in cold-water mode and the lever positioned in the central position. When hot water is needed, the wide operating, lever moves 90 degrees to the left of the mid position to give you total control over the temperature and water flow. The addition of this technology helps to reduce hot water consumption and increase energy savings.

The use of cold start and Grohe SilkMove ES technology really shines when carrying out everyday tasks as it eliminates boiler activation and unnecessary heating for daily use like brushing your teeth and washing your hands. Furthermore, SilkMove ES technology changes the way we use warm water by requiring us to actively turn it on.

This simple adjustment to how a tap opens keeps some wasteful habits in check, for example, turning on the warm water for a quick hand rinse. Additionally, this adjustment can help to reduce your hot water consumption by up to 30%, your carbon footprint and potentially extend your boiler lifetime as it is started less frequently.

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