Grohe greatness is built on sustainable technologies

Grohe is a global brand that is dedicated to providing innovative water products and sanitary fittings built around sustainable technologies.

The world-leading company has set standards of excellence in water-saving tech, quality, design and sustainability that underpin a deep commitment to creating exceptional experiences.

Grohe’s manufacturing network deploys high-precision production engineering to ensure compliance with consistently high Grohe standards and that products meet rigorous standards of workmanship and functionality.

Over the past ten years, Grohe has won more than 240 design and innovation awards as well as a top three placement among Germany’s most sustainable major companies and they are rightly seen by their peers as Masters of Technology.

Advanced craftsmanship and a cutting-edge approach to effective teamwork and processes fuels the continued design and development of an outstanding product range, backed by tough testing and fine-tuning to provide products that always satisfy customers.

Grohe green tech is built around timeless design and quality that lasts a lifetime, and delivers products that save water and save money.

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Grohe Whisper

Grohe concealed cisterns feature Whisper technology, for peace, comfort and design freedom. Decoupled pipe supports mean that there is no sound transfer to the structure of the building when the water is released from the cistern to the bowl. This allows the toilet to be located in the most convenient location without fear of disturbing others.

Grohe DreamSpray

This technology is at the heart of every Grohe shower, with innovation that helps users enjoy an unparalleled showering experience. The advanced shower engines inside the shower head deliver highest precision and consistent water distribution to each nozzle, whatever spray pattern is desired.

Dreamspray technology features:

  • Innerwater Guide – prevents against scalding and prolongs life of chrome finish.
  • Grohe One-click Showering – direct access to the preferred spray pattern.
  • Grohe Rain O2 Spray – a choice of the classic GROHE Rain Spray or the air-infused Grohe Rain O2 Spray.
  • Grohe  Bokama Spray – the feeling of a fingertip massage with the innovative Grohe Spray Engine.
  • SPEEDCLEAN – a simple wipe of the finger is all that’s needed to remove any limescale.

Grohe Starlight

Grohe taps are guaranteed to look as beautiful after decades as they did on the day of installation thanks to long-lasting surface quality provided by Grohe StarLight technology.

The company has focused on continual improvement in its unique plating process over the past 75 years, with refinements that deliver  a robust and immaculate surface recognised as one of the best finishes in the world. This is thanks to rigorous quality controls and ongoing investment.

Grohe uses state-of-the-art machinery to deliver other exceptional quality finishes along with the classic chrome. The physical vapour deposition (PVD) process ensures that the surface composition is 3X harder, delivering glistening gold or sophisticated stainless-steel finishes. As well as being harder, the surface is also 10X more scratch resistant.

Across the spectrum of finishes, from matt to shiny and in all colour choices, Grohe StarLight offers a made-to-last product. The flawless, long-lasting surface is designed to be extremely resistant to dirt and scratches, making maintenance effortless and ensuring good-as-new looks for many years.


Grohe TurboStat 

The revolutionary Grohe TurboStat technology delivers water at the desired temperature in just a fraction of a second and keeps it constant for the duration of the shower time. Grohtherm thermostats are equipped with the most advanced and precision-made cartridges in the industry.

The company has increased the sensitivity of the thermo-element so that thermostats react to changes in water pressure twice as fast as before. That means no more time and water wasted fiddling with the controls to get the right temperature.

Grohe CoolTouch

The Grohe CoolTouch ensures that the outer surface never exceeds the preferred shower temperature. The thermostats include an innovative cooling channel that forms a barrier between the hot water and the chrome surface, which means it’s never too hot to handle.

This safety measure is really useful for children, who cannot always judge whether something they touch is dangerously hot.

Grohe SilkMove

Grohe is one of the world’s leading tap manufacturers and one of the few that manufacture their own cartridges. Grohe mixers provide the unique Grohe SilkMove experience. The rich, smooth handling of the single-lever mixers perfectly encapsulates the brand’s quality and superiority. The SilkMove cartridge delivers gradual and precise control of water flow and temperature.

The lever handle of the tap is connected to the discs by a shaft, made of solid brass for strength and durability. As the discs move over each other, they either block the water or allow it to pass through. Therefore the quality and machining of these parts will affect the performance of the tap.

The cartridges are produced through a high-tech process and feature discs made from a space-industry proven ceramic alloy. The polished mirror-like surface of the discs is coated with a special Teflon lubricant for frictionless operation. The design incorporates micro-chambers of this lubricant within the cartridge to ensure a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.

This state-of-the art technology means that Grohe taps have an extra-wide operating angle, allowing precise management of  water flow and temperature. It’s design and technology working in harmony to deliver an enhanced water experience.


Grohe FeatherControl

Tap operation is as light as a feather with Grohe FeatherControl, with smooth joystick handling for effortless precision and ultimate convenience. The Grohe FeatherControl cartridge brings joystick control to a whole new level. Using state-of-the-art coated ceramic discs and an innovative sealing, the Grohe engineers have created a joystick cartridge with a wider volume and temperature angle – for a more precise control – with the same silky-smooth operation as the SilkMove cartridge.

Grohe EcoJoy

Grohe EcoJoy technology is an invisible friend to the planet, underpinning water-efficient products that allow effortless reduction in water and energy consumption.

All Grohe EcoJoy green tech products are scientifically designed to save water and save money so that precious resources are protected. The highly innovative technology reduces water consumption by up to 50% – and in some cases even more – without compromising on performance.

These products are engineered with excellent water-saving components that provide the perfect water experience, using less water with a perfect flow.

Grohe Blue

Grohe Blue technology is a  high-performance filter, cooler and carbonator that delivers a pure taste experience – just as easily as using a standard kitchen tap and it provides whatever way you want your water – still, lightly sparkling or sparkling. It’s filtered directly from the fitting in your own kitchen.

Grohe Red

Save time, energy and space in the kitchen. Grohe Red is a beautiful and reliable system that delivers kettle hot water straight from the tap, instantly and safely. The slim GROHE Red boiler is available in 2 sizes and fits neatly under the sink – freeing up precious space on the work surface

The M-size boiler (up to 3l of kettle hot water at once) has a height of 37cm while the L-size boiler (up to 5,5l of kettle hot water at once) has a height of 49cm. Both boilers have a diameter of 21cm.


Grohe QuickFix

Grohe QuickFix technology saves on installation time and complexity. Products can be fitted tool free. By reducing the number of loose components to enable a faster installation, taps benefitting from the system are simple to fit, even using just one hand, so installation time is reduced by up to 65%. QuickFix is the only system that allows the installer to push the nut to the top of the threaded shaft, only needing a few final turns to tighten.

The flexible hoses have with integrated screw connections, meaning that instead of you having to fiddle around with screw nuts, they’re already attached. All you have to do is twist them once connected to your water valves.

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