Grohe EcoJoy saves water and protects the planet

Grohe is a globally trusted brand, not least because it takes the challenge of protecting our planet very seriously.

Its green technology is world-class and one of its many innovations is EcoJoy. There is growing pressure on precious water resources and Grohe focuses relentlessly on providing solutions to this rapidly escalating challenge.

Grohe EcoJoy technology is an invisible friend to the planet, underpinning water-efficient products that allow you to effortlessly reduce water and energy consumption.

All Grohe EcoJoy green tech products are scientifically designed to save water and save money so that precious resources are protected. The highly innovative technology reduces water consumption by up to 50% – and in some cases even more – without compromising on performance.

These products are engineered with excellent water-saving components that provide the perfect water experience – and there’s no need to compromise on quality – you use less water and keep a perfect flow.

Sustainable technology

Grohe’s award-winning design teams also ensure that reducing water and energy consumption goes hand in hand with convenience and attractive design. Sustainable technology that looks superb.

Grohe EcoJoy reduces water flow while enriching the water with air. This ensures there is a perfect, voluminous flow while saving valuable resources – a great green technology for eco-conscious consumers.

The Grohe EcoJoy collection seamlessly blends high-performance design with reduced water usage – offering a range of products that are beautiful to look at, function perfectly with long lifespan and use less water and energy. And that means less environmental impact as well as reduced running costs.

Did you know that washing, toilet flushing and kitchen use account for two-thirds of total water usage in homes? Grohe is expert in these three areas and produces specific, innovative products for each one.

Water-saving solutions

Grohe focuses not only on water-saving solutions for the consumer market – it also provides solutions for the specialist demands of commercial projects with a range of products that are intuitive to use and designed to withstand high traffic flow, while saving significant amounts of water and energy.

Every drop of water counts and Grohe is proud of its commitment to designing and manufacturing products that protect this fragile planet and use natural resources efficiently. Grohe’s dedication to the environment drives innovation.

The entire product life cycle is mapped at the design and development stage to create safe products of excellent quality that use resources sustainably, and high-quality materials and processes mean that  products are created for a long life. Every new product line is life-tested before launch to ensure years of trouble-free use.

And if any rare issues arise, spare parts are available for at least 10 years. This keeps replacement to a minimum, while reducing waste and raw material consumption substantially over time.

Commitment to excellence of research and development for more than seven decades means that the best water saving technologies are implemented across Grohe’s entire range.

EcoJoy excellence means:

  • ultimate convenience with no special parts to order or install
  • effortless water and energy savings
  • drastic reduction of operating costs
  • maximised functionality and enjoyment
  • sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

EcoJoy is central to Grohe’s product range but let’s take a look at some great examples.

Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E Electronic Sensor Mixer Tap

This innovative battery-powered tap has a temperate control sensor that detects hand movement, so water only runs when it’s needed and with EcoJoy technology mixing air with water inside the tap, you reduce water consumption by up to 70%.

The  Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E tap features excellent design and quality manufacture with robust technology. The basin mixer is powered by a 6V lithium-battery (type CR-P2) with a battery lifetime of around 7 years (150 actuations a day).

The mixer tap offers comfort for the user and low cleaning effort for operators of public or commercially used washrooms. Water flow is automatic with infrared detection for optimum hygiene.

With seven preset programmes, the water flow is started on demand as soon as the beam is interrupted and stops automatically. This reduces water consumption by up to 70%. And the EcoJoy mousseur delivers a flow rate of 5.7 litres per minute.

The spout has a seven-degree angle for extra space below the flow control for user comfort. The angle ensures that stagnant water can flow off the spout faster, leaving less calcium residue, further minimising cleaning. The basin mixer also has simplified thermal disinfection for the best hygiene, safety and comfort. The unit also automatically flushes after three days without use.


Grohe Lineare Single Lever S-Size Basin Mixer 

This Grohe Lineare basin mixer with pop-up waste set features EcoJoy technology which reduces water use by 50% and a Teflon-coated cartridge giving better control of flow and temperature.

The Grohe Lineare basin mixer has a distinctive minimalist design ideal for contemporary bathrooms and is designed with a standard high spout. The EcoJoy flow-limiting mousseur reduces water consumption without compromise on quality of use.

It has a SilkMove cartridge for effortless control over volume and temperature and the pop-up waste is easily operated by an inobtrusive lever at the back of the tap. It is finished in Starlight chrome for scratch resistance, durability and easy cleaning while the Grohe QuickFix Plus system cuts installation time by up to 50%.

Grohe Tempesta 210 Shower Head with Shower Arm 

The Grohe Tempesta 210 shower head is one to make a bold statement with. The extra-large design combines EcoJoy green tech with DreamSpray technology means less heat is needed with up to 40% less water usage, and no compromise on pressure. What’s more, silicon nozzles prevent limescale build-up.

EcoJoy tech provides water savings of up to 40% with a 9.5 l/min flow limiter that does not detract from the showering experience.

The Grohe Tempesta 210 shower head with shower arm guarantees the best shower every time with the flow from each nozzle perfectly balanced, for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Add to this the RainSpray pattern, which is delightful, giving a sensation of summer rain to revitalise and refresh.

Cleaning could not be simpler with the StarLight chrome finish kept pristine with a simple dry-cloth wipe and flexible SpeedClean silicone nozzles in the shower head means easy cleaning of any limescale.

Internal insulation means the shower surface won’t get too hot to touch as the Inner WaterGuide protects from heat and helps to preserve the brilliant chrome finish.

Grohe Tempesta 100 Hand Shower

The Grohe Tempesta 100 Hand Shower features EcoJoy and DreamSpray tech which ensures up to 50% water saving, and less energy used to heat the water, without compromising on pressure.

The Grohe Tempesta 100 hand shower ensures an enjoyable, comforting shower experience and is designed to make any bathroom more sustainable, without compromising on innovation. The Grohe EcoJoy provides 5.7 litres per minute flow, saving water without compromising on an enjoyable shower experience.

It’s great option for both busy families and rental retrofits. Stylish but hardwearing it features a StarLight chrome finish that will last for the years. Inner WaterGuide protects the finish by preventing the hand shower surface from getting too hot,

The ShockProof tech silicone ring prevents damage if dropped and the SpeedClean anti-limescale system has silicone nozzles designed to wipe free of limescale. There are 2 spray patterns: a strong Jet Spray for a powerful streamed shower, and a soft Rain Spray pattern for a bit of luxury.

DreamSpray technology is featured across the Tempesta 100 range, ensuring each nozzle produces the best possible spray regardless of spray pattern. This provides a consistency through every shower. The wall holder set contains an adjustable wall holder, a Tempesta 100 II hand shower and a 1750mm Relexaflex hose featuring AntiFold technology which makes it bend-proof.

Grohe Tempesta 100 Hand Shower with Wall Holder Chrome 2760110E main

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