The Greenhouse Bristol eco bed & breakfast blends big savings with great style

The Greenhouse Bristol eco bed & breakfast has blended big savings in water and energy consumption with style.

We helped owner Fran Jones with her green renovation project, working closely together to find the best water-saving solutions to match her projected spend.

Fran says: “I have extended the greening of The Greenhouse on a pretty modest budget – and SaveMoneyCutCarbon has helped me achieve good outcomes at very fair pricing as a small business.”

SaveMoneyCutCarbon team focused on hansgrohe EcoSmart water-saving products – eco showers and eco taps that cut water consumption by more than 50 per cent. The beauty of these products is that they also slash energy use needed to heat the water.

The showers and taps have the hansgrohe hallmark of quality – and they look great! Guests do not notice the difference when they step under the shower or turn on the taps.

Image of Greenhouse Bristol B&B hansgrohe Focus E2 CoolStart Single Lever Basin Mixer 100

The hansgrohe Focus E2 CoolStart Single Lever Basin Mixer 100 bathroom taps (pictured) now use 5 litres of water per minute, rather than the old models that consumed 12 litres per minute. The EcoSmart technology pumps air through the water but ensures that it feels the same and does the same job.

The team also sourced full eco showers, the EcoSmart Raindance Select 240 Showerpipe with swivelling shower arm, which use 9 litres per minute rather than 17-20 L/min.

Fran says: “They feel fabulous – and look fab too!”

Image of The Greenhouse Bristol EcoSmart Raindance Select 240 Showerpipe with swivelling shower arm

Call us on 0845 123 5464 for more advice and to order the EcoSmart Raindance Select 240 Showerpipe with swivelling shower arm.

The Greenhouse Bristol has caught the eye of The Guardian as well, and the paper highlighted the bed and breakfast in its weekend Travel section as one of the top ten places to stay:

The Greenhouse is two old cottages that were knocked together about 15 years ago and had three double rooms and one single.  Fran’s redevelopment objective was to reshape and extend the bed and breakfast to create a bigger, wholly separate living space for her and to offer six double/twin rooms – but to do so without raising energy usage/costs.

Solar panels (max 3.3 kW power, LED lighting, efficient water heating, storage and usage – along with additional wall and other insulation – should move some considerable way towards this.

Fran explains: “I also made choices around the contents of the business to minimise energy use, ‘A’ grade minimum energy use on appliances and induction for cooking for example, while the contents in the house are all recycled, including plastic for the carpets, which feel great and clean without detergents.”

Fran’s eco refit is definitely well-timed, as Bristol is gearing up for its role as European Green Capital 2015.

The Greenhouse Bristol website:

Whatever your water and energy saving needs, in business or at home, we’re here to help. Call us on 0845 123 5464.



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