Green Office Week day 3 – the war on Waste

Green Office Week encourages every office worker to think about “Waste” as part of the drive towards sustainability in the UK.

Office supplies specialist Avery offers some simple tips that reduce waste by harnessing the 3Rs: reduce/reuse/recycle. The company advises that more than half of office workers do not re-use cardboard boxes, for example.

We’ve shared thoughts on the first two days’ initiatives on Energy and Transport, both of which in their own ways reflect our vision and strategies to help companies and consumers save money and cut carbon emissions but wanted to add a few ideas around “Waste”. The tips from Avery are, as always achievable and sound. At the same time, we can see other focuses that will reduce waste.

The aim, for us is always twofold and the clue is in our name! Save money on energy and water usage and cut carbon emissions. Encouraging people to change their habits and behaviour is always positive while adopting solutions that simply ensure a massive reduction in waste with no impact on how people act is even more effective.

That’s how we approach waste reduction at SaveMoneyCutCarbon. We guarantee that our cost and carbon-saving solutions will be “invisible” to the user.

Impact on waste

We know that every company can reduce waste by investing in a range of products that will make a huge and positive impact on their running costs (water, lighting, heat), with the solutions paying for themselves within a very short time.

For example, simply by fitting tap aerators, a business can reduce water use by up to 60% – and with water bills heading ever upwards, this can only be a commercial benefit. With the most effective LED lighting, you can save up to 85% on your electricity bills.

And all the solutions make as significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The solutions can range from the tap aerators to eco showerheads, from lighting to heating/ventilation (HVAC) and better boiler management. The financial benefits are tested and proven, and you can learn more about how much you will save month on month by reviewing the products and solutions on this site.



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