Google Maps update makes it easy to find EV charge points

An update to Google Maps has brought a great piece of functionality for electric vehicle owners. Available on desktop, Android and iOS, users will now be able to search for EV charging stations.

As well as the location of EV chargers, the update also includes information about the stations, such as availability and what type of charger it is.

The ability to be able to see what stations are available to use will make it much more likely that owners of EVs won’t drive to a station that’s either broken or in use.

Solving range anxiety

Range anxiety is still a main reason why consumers aren’t making the move to electric vehicles, and that’s understandable. Until there are as many EV stations as there are fuel stations, EV drivers will always have anxiety over journeys.

However, this update to Google Maps is a big step in resolving that issue. Users will be able to see if there is a working charger along their route, providing them with a better level of assurance.

To use the new feature, search for “ev charging stations” for up-to-date information from networks like Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect and soon, Chargepoint.



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