The ‘go-to’ one-stop resource for business and consumers who want to cut energy and water bills just got even better

Image of homepage – the ‘go-to’ one-stop resource for business and consumers who want to cut energy and water bills – has been through a massive redesign. Effectively, we started from scratch.

We’ve pushed the button today, after months of painstaking research and development, and hope that you like the improvements, because we asked and listened to our customers.

And their views guided our website work, making it easier for us to implement the many improvements that we think strengthens as the leading energy-saving solutions resource. is designed with the customer in mind and we know that time is of the essence so anyone, business or consumer, can find what they need very quickly, check the savings and buy. It’s a hassle-free and highly effective way to save money and cut energy.

One big concern for people who want to cut their energy and water bills, both businesses and domestic customers, is “will I really save money with these solutions?”

We’ve addressed that concern and now everyone can quickly see the savings they should make with our unique, custom-built, instant calculator.

We are Carbon Trust accredited and we fully test every product before we offer it to customers. Each product is described simply and clearly and we have ensured that our prices are very competitive, backed as well by our partnerships with trusted brands that deliver the very best quality.

We’ve helped many domestic customers to find the best products that cut their energy bills – and help reduce carbon emissions. The new website will make those savings even easier to make.

And our team is ready to answer any customer’s questions on 0333 123 5464.

There are six main savings areas on

LED lighting

Eco showers

Eco taps

Tap aerators

HVAC (heating & ventilation)

Intelligent building controls

Businesses can learn more about our unique Field Services. We are an efficiency partner to organisations who want to reduce energy, water and carbon to improve sustainability. Our end-to-end consultancy and field services deliver first-class customer service, expert knowledge, proven products and a flexible business ethos.

We are saving companies in many sectors thousands of pounds a year by helping them to introduce proven, effective energy solutions that repay investment very quickly and then go on saving money year after year.

Companies who want to reduce their utility bills substantially will benefit from our complete service: confirming the business case through measurement and financial modelling, managing the entire installation project, monitoring and reporting

The Field Services team also provides the best advice on Corporate Social Responsibility, enabling companies to meet their statutory duties.

So, whether you are a consumer or business, why not browse through and start saving money on utility bills now. You can call us on 0333 123 5464.

And if you like what you find on our money-saving website, please do share the good news with your friends and business colleagues.



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