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SaveMoneyCutCarbon is celebrating National Hedgerow Week as a Jubilee Partner with the Tree Council.

Hedgerows are essential to a sustainable countryside and are home to 80% of the England’s woodland birds, hedgehogs, most species of bat, the great crested newt, dormice and butterflies. What’s more they connect habitats, protect against pollution and help fight climate change.

We need to protect these green superheroes and National Hedgerow Week, from Monday 10 – Monday 17 October 2022. Is all about igniting people’s passion for hedgerows and promoting the benefits of the “leafy lovelies” growing right under our noses.

The Tree Council has been working with partners to develop with a range of ways that people can get involved to promote these marvels of British nature. the Tree Council and partners want everybody to to see their hedges in a different light – more than just a line of trees and shrubs but a vibrant metropolis of wildlife, living on our doorsteps.

The Tree Council have designed a range of actions to inspire everyone. People can join Hedgerow Happy Hour and sign up to one of the council’s evening Hedge Talk. Or you can call for change and add your name to an important petition or apply for funds to plant your very own community hedge.


The  National Hedgerow Week 2022 Resource Pack contains all the information you need to know about the week, along with how to get the word out there and share online via social media.

Hedgerows are England’s largest priority habitat, supporting over 2,000 precious species – bumble bees, for example, use them to guide their foraging activity. They capture carbon above and below ground, alleviate flooding, provide corridors of connectivity for wildlife – and gather up particulates pollution to improve the air we breathe.

Despite this, we have seen the loss of 50% of our hedgerows since World War II, leaving great gaps in the maps of our cities and the countryside. The Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation to extend hedges by 40% means that 200,000km of hedgerow needs to be planted in the UK to help tackle climate change – that’s 3 metres of hedgerow per person in the UK.


SaveMoneyCutCarbon is part of the Jubilee Partners’ initiative administered by The Tree Council. The Tree Council’s strapline is ‘working together for the love of trees’ and we look forward to joining forces with other Jubilee Partners to plant 35,000 trees and 7 kilometres of hedgerows in communities across the UK. We are proud to be contributing towards creating a healthy, tree-filled future for our planet.

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