Gatwick Airport trialling a reusable coffee cup system

Many coffee chains in the UK have started to offer incentives for customers who bring in their own reusable cups, but  one place where people don’t usually take their reusable cups is airports.

This is one of the reasons why Starbucks, Hubbub and Gatwick Airport have partnered together to trial a reusable coffee cup system in Gatwick’s South Terminal.

Launched this week, the trial allows customers to take a reusable cup, use it, and then drop it off at a “cup check-in point” before boarding their flight.

There will be 2,000 Starbucks cups in circulation and environmental charity Hubbub CEO says,

“If only 250 customers opted for a reusable cup each day, for example, more than 7,000 paper cups could be saved in one month.”

Around seven million cups are used every year at Gatwick, and whilst 5.3 million of these get recycled, it still leaves 1.7 million cups going into landfill.

Hubbub and Starbucks plan to share the results of the trial, and we hope the results are positive and that this initiative is made available across the whole airport.

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