Five Grohe products that help save money

Grohe is a global company committed to highest quality, durability and efficiency, pushing the boundaries of technology to ensure you save water, reduce costs and help protect the planet.

Grohe EcoJoy technology underpins water-efficient products that allow you to effortlessly reduce water and energy consumption. With this simple energy advice, you can ensure that your utility bills are under more control. All Grohe EcoJoy green tech products are scientifically designed to save water and save money so that precious resources are protected.

The innovative and sustainable technology reduces water consumption across all styles and prices by up to 50% – and in some cases even more – so you save every time the tap is turned on, but with a perfect flow.

By using less water, you are also saving on heating costs and this energy efficiency is more crucial now than ever, with the constant rise in gas and electricity prices. Save water, save money.

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Bathroom taps 

Grohe bathroom taps unite award-winning design with the best materials and the latest industry-leading technologies. There is a wide selection of tap designs to complement the latest bathroom ceramics and personal preferences.

The Grohe Essence Single Lever S-Size Basin Mixer Tap is a classic design with great features and technology. The robust SilkMove ES ceramic cartridge technology means that at mid-lever position only cold water will flows so you conserve precious energy. You save more with water-saving Grohe EcoJoy technology that limits flow to 5.7 litres per minute with no loss of performance.

The tap is designed on a cylinder theme and has a durable StarLight chrome finish that will look like new for many years and with the Grohe QuickFix Plus system installing is easy, which saves time and money.


You can also choose the money-saving Grohe Eurodisc Joy Single Lever M-Size Basin Mixer. The EcoJoy flow-limiting mousseur with aerator reduces water consumption and costs without affecting experience.

The basin mixer features a Grohe FeatherControl cartridge that ensures a smooth and effortless control of water temperature and volume just with a fingertip, while Grohe QuickFix Plus technology cuts installation time by up to 40% with just a few easy steps.

For superb minimalist design and optimal water consumption in your modern bathroom a great choice is the Grohe Lineare Single Lever S-Size Basin Mixer. Its EcoJoy flow-limiting mousseur reduces usage without compromise on quality of use.

The SilkMove cartridge effortless effortless control of volume and temperature, and the tap has a Starlight chrome finish for scratch resistance, durability and easy cleaning. You also save time and money with the Grohe QuickFix Plus system that cuts installation time by up to 50%.

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Shower heads 

The average UK household uses 330 litres of water per day and the shower is one of the main sources. We love our showers, not only for cleansing but also for relaxation and recovery time, they’re almost essential in our daily lives.

Grohe ensure that you can enjoy your shower just as much while reducing water consumption, helping you shower responsibly, save money and help the planet at the same time. Innovative design means Grohe water-saving shower heads reduce your water consumption by up to 40% without compromising on comfort and enjoyment. Using less water also means less energy is required to heat the water, so the benefits are doubled.

Shower heads with the Grohe EcoJoy technology, Eco buttons and SprayDimmers allow you to choose when you want to reduce your water consumption. Slide the Eco button to activate the water-saving features or slide the SprayDimmer to gradually reduce water volume and switch between spray patterns. You can set the water consumption to 5.7, 7.5, or 9.5 litres per minute.

The Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 Shower System with Thermostatic Mixer features innovative technology and great design and safety. Grohe Ecojoy ensure optimal water use, reducing consumption by 40% with no loss of quality.

EcoJoy reduces water flow while enriching the water with air. This ensures there is a perfect, voluminous flow while saving valuable resources – a great green technology for eco-conscious consumers.

With Grohe TurboStat you choose your desired temperature and the water will stay just how you like it even if the supply fluctuates. The Grohe DreamSpray ensures the flow of water from every nozzle is balanced, perfect for the overhead shower’s soothing Rain Spray.

Grohe thermostats ensure the desired water temperature is reached within a fraction of a second and reliably maintained for the duration of your shower. No more time and water wasted while fiddling with controls to get the temperature right, which also helps to reduce energy costs.

With the Grohe Euphoria Cosmopolitan Stick you get superb and distinctive design combined with great functionality and efficiency.  It can be great addition to your current shower system EcoJoy technology means you’ll heat and use less water without compromising on pressure.

DreamSpray technology gives you balanced water distribution while the Starlight finish and SpeedClean nozzles makes for easy cleaning. With Grohe CoolTouch the handle won’t get hot.

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