Every day is World Water Day

Every morning, like many people, I make a list of the things to do that day.  When I’m feeling strong I will group these actions by their urgency or whether they relate to my work or personal life.

Tactical things that I can tick off and feel good about. But where do we capture our need to change behaviour and do our bit to limit our daily water usage and energy consumption?  Once a year maybe, in our New Year’s resolutions, alongside the other things that sound good in principal but actually get forgotten as we carry on the way we are?

World Water Day is an initiative from the United Nations to help get sanitation and drinking water to those who need it most. British charity WaterAid and its many partners are doing great things to help people in developing countries access clean, safe water.

We are all more aware that there is a finite supply of water and we all need to do what we can to preserve it.

In this country people are becoming increasingly keen to use less water and there is a noticeable change in behaviour, not least because of the cost. Water costs continue to rise and most areas in the UK will see another hike of 3.5% on 1 April.  Even worse is the spiraling cost of energy to heat that water which has left many households struggling – “fuel poverty” is the evocative term.

We can all do more to change our behaviour and nag our children to use less water.  But here are two simple ways to dramatically reduce water consumption without changing your daily habits:

1. Change your shower head To use water more effectively our easy-to-install eco shower heads utilise sophisticated flow limitation, special spray jets and the mixing of inflowing water with air and reduce water consumption by up to 45%. This results in about 3 litres of air being used for every litre of water! Going green certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

We have established an exciting partnership with hansgrohe, an innovative global brand, to offer a range of the very best eco shower heads including handheld, fixed and rain head that suit all styles and budgets. Our shower heads have a clear advantage over their regular showerhead rivals and give you a complete full flow spa-like shower by using the latest water and energy saving technology.

The water droplets that are produced are much lighter and softer so they burst considerably easier on the skin, soaking you much more efficiently without splashing everywhere. Normal droplets just bounce off you so you have to use more water to get you wet. Our eco showerheads also save energy since less water needs to be heated. In this way your daily contribution to climate protection begins under the shower.

2. Fit tap aerators to all taps Our range of eco tap aerators restrict the flow of water from taps without reducing water pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect. Our water and energy-saving tap aerator kit will reduce the flow rate on all taps to a mere 3.5 litres a minute, saving up to 12 litres a minute and reducing the amount of water you use by more than 60%.



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