ESOS successes prove business case for action

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is proving its worth, with companies saving millions of pounds in reduced costs.

Around 60% of large companies affected by ESOS had complied by April 2016, meaning that over a third had yet to take action.

The Environment Agency, who coordinate the scheme, make progressively more severe interventions as the deadline approaches to encourage companies to carry out and report energy audits.

It’s also very clear now that businesses will reap substantial rewards by acting on the energy surveys conducted by ESOS lead assessors. Steps such as installing LED lighting to implementing intelligent building controls. So, the longer you wait to comply, the more money you are wasting.

Savings targets

For the Government, the figures are more than welcome as they indicate that the 20% energy efficiency savings targets for 2020 could be met if concerted action is taken.

For businesses and organisations, the fear that ESOS would be a burden surrounded by a mass of red tape have been largely proved wrong. Along with the prospect of big savings in energy costs, there really is no reason to delay taking part in the scheme.

The technologies for energy saving solutions are more advanced now than ever before, too, so you can be sure of quality products that will bring you results.

Smart bulbs, HVAC controls and variable optimisation, together along with water savings from eco taps and eco showers, low-flush toilets and so on, swiftly and permanently reduce utility bills.

Reducing costs

We know that savings on these technologies can be impressive, with our installations of LED generating savings of 70% and more, HVAC controls reducing costs by more than 40%, water savings of more than 60%, and motor efficiencies generating 50% savings.

The webinar echoed our current experience of the next steps for companies who have conducted ESOS audits – do nothing, act tactically, and build a strategic plan.

From our point of view, the need to make savings is paramount as it strengthens the case for full strategic development. By taking swift action on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient projects, the savings are quickly demonstrated.

This is fed back into the strategic planning, which should build confidence in the benefits of comprehensive goals and targets.

It is important to win support at board level, and the best way to achieve this is by showing how successful energy-saving projects are in business terms.

Raising awareness

Over the long term, it is also important to build confidence in the energy-saving strategy by raising awareness at every level through workshops, staff training and publication of successes in meeting targets.

We have the experience, knowledge and resources to help businesses save money and cut their carbon footprint with swift payback. We can also help you comply with ESOS regulations to bring you the best results.

We can fully manage the entire process from survey to project planning and management, specification of best-in-breed products, installation, and monitoring to take the strain off your business while minimising initial costs. This includes identification and management of financing options.

The webinar echoed our view that there is a lot of opportunity for even smaller energy-spend businesses to manage costs better and become more competitive – and that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

It makes great business sense for all eligible businesses who have not yet to comply with ESOS and conduct an energy audit, joining the majority who will reap big financial benefits through sustainable energy plans.



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