Energy savings and an easier life with Siemens washing machine technology

State-of-the-art technology makes sure that the Siemens washing machine you choose will deliver top performance, energy savings and real convenience.

The company has stayed at the top of the sector for many years simply because it invests heavily in developing new technology to provide innovative functions and the best design that make your life easier.

The unique technical features ensure that you have peace-of-mind, assured by rigorously tested innovation that delivers optimal, efficient laundry care with every single wash. At the same time, you know that every cycle is super-efficient, with A+++ energy rating.

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that not only are top quality, built to last but also are the most energy-efficient available. That’s the case with Siemens washing machines, they help you save money on electricity and water bills but also reduce your carbon footprint as a bonus.

Up to 95% of parts in Siemens appliances are recyclable and the long working life also ensures that junk sent to landfill is kept to an absolute minimum.

iSensoric advantage

It’s the top tech from Siemens that catches the eye. For example, take the iSensoric control technology that’s found across a range of appliances, including the Siemens iQ700 and iQ300 washing machines.

What iSensoric achieves is extraordinary in the context of a home appliance. It is intelligent, sensor-controlled technology providing you with a range of highly automated features to ensure the full potential of your washing machine (and many other appliances).

Without you having to lift a finger, iSensoric’s network of sensors interacts with smart software to manage your washing machine at maximum efficiency to give you more time in your daily routines.

The powerful technology builds on Siemens impressive engineering capabilities and works through a network of sensors positioned in the machine.

The main iSensoric control unit reads data from these sensors and then compares it to its own stored data-bank of knowledge before making decisions based on that information to increase the maximum performance of the appliance.

That means not only real convenience and peace of mind but also reduced energy use, with the lower carbon emissions which come from that.

Siemens WM14YH79GB main

Control with Home Connect

Siemens has also raised the bar for control with convenience through its innovative Home Connect technology.

This gives you ultimate control and ease of use through a wi-fi enabled solution that combines smart software with an intuitive app. Simply use your mobile phone and, whenever you want, from wherever you are, you can easily select options and start your washing machine.

Your laundry now works around your schedules and routines.

Siemens have made it a snap to find the optimal program on the Home Connect app with its Easy Start feature. You just answer a few quick questions, like what fabric and colour, and with a simple click send these program settings to your appliance. It takes just seconds.

Home Connect not only opens up a range of new possibilities in your daily life, the easy control it offers can give you a real sense of wellbeing.

VarioSpeed flexibility

We’re all pressed for time these days and Siemens have come up with an effective way to help. VarioSpeed reduces programme times by more than half with no compromise on cleaning and drying.

It does this by automatically detecting where time can be saved, using smart sensors to assess load volume and kind of textile, adapting the washing process time-efficiently to your specific laundry batch. It also ensures the bleach in the detergent is activated faster with slightly higher temperatures.

It’s a time-saving innovation that also reduces energy and water use.

Quiet time with iQdrive

Siemens also helps to make your life less stressful with its intelligent, durable iQdrive motor that reduces operational noise to a minimum. The brushless technology is guaranteed for 10 years, so that means much less waste in replacing parts, and a longer working life.

So whether you want to use less energy consumption with no effect on performance, more short programme times or pleasing quietness at maximum spin settings –iQdrive motor makes it possible.

Looking for an effective, energy-saving new washing machine? See our range of Siemens Washing Machines.

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