Energy saving tips for offices

Our energy saving tips for offices will help deliver big annual savings.

Energy Saving Tip 1: Offices can cut their lighting bills by up to 65% with LED solutions.

LED lighting provides not only massive savings in electricity but also, as research shows, it improves light levels and productivity in the workplace.

With LED lighting, you get flicker-free, natural looking light while further reducing costs because they are near zero maintenance and have an incredibly long lifespan.

While you are saving money, you also reduce your carbon emissions, great for both the balance sheet and the planet.

Here’s an example of potential annual savings with LED lighting. Click on the image to learn more:

How to save electricity in offices-savings example

Energy Saving Tip 2: Offices can make further savings by reducing water use.

Quality eco taps from best manufacturers like hansgrohe are ideal for staff bathrooms and office kitchens.

Eco taps are much more than just water restrictors as they smartly mix water with air while ensuring the quality and flow are maintained.

Eco taps from hansgrohe reduce water flow to 5 litres per minute, have a QuickClean system for easy limescale removal and are easy to fit.

Take a look at this example of annual savings by reducing water use in offices:

How to save water in offices - savings example

Energy Saving Tip 3: Offices can save a massive amount annually with smart heating and ventilation management

HVAC is a big drain on the bottom line but with intelligent lighting controls and variable speed drives for pumps, you can make big savings. Call our team on 0333 123 5464 to find out more.




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