Energy saving and sustainability advice for the interior design industry

FX magazine features energy saving and sustainability advice for the interior design industry from SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait this month.

FX magazine energy saving and sustainability article by Mark Sait, CEO

FX is the essential magazine for the contract interior design sector with high-quality reporting on the design of offices, hotels, healthcare, education and leisure and debate on the hot topics that matter to designers, specifiers and end users.

The ‘Talking Points’ article by Mark is an expert guide to finding your way through the sustainability maze to best areas for energy saving, plus a handy glossary of jargon words in lighting.

Mark writes: “It is unfair to expect designers to know everything around sustainability. They are confronted with a massively wide field and breadth of vision which makes mastery of energy saving and water efficiency almost impossible.

“To take just one element, the full understanding of the role efficient, effective and aesthetically right lighting design plays in the shifting culture of sustainability alone is extremely complex. But serious mistakes can happen when knowledge is not available.

“Working with trusted partners – the knowledge holders – should prevent expensive errors and allow designers to focus on their strengths, guided as needed by the ‘keeper of the knowledge’ to bring out the best in any project.

“At same time, an expert partner can help designers to develop their expertise and knowledge through practical example and sharing technical nous, which should have a very positive effect on Continuing Professional Development.”

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