Energy efficiency and a low-carbon economy measurably better than nuclear power and fossil fuels [INFOGRAPHICS]

We’re indebted at SaveMoneyCutCarbon to Jim Harris, who has shared some excellent statistics on energy efficiency and the low-carbon economy with the sustainability community this week. For me, two nuggets of information stood out among the fascinating range of data published by Jim, who is among the top 35 authorities globally on sustainability. He is a bestselling author, management consultant, professional speaker … and cyclist. Both nuggets have been captured as infographics, and so they tell their own story but the headlines are:

  • Energy efficiency creates nine times more jobs than nuclear and generates the same power at half the cost. An interesting focus possibly for national power strategists.
  • A low-carbon economy creates a great many more jobs than fossil fuels.

While the focus is on North America, I’m sure that the metrics can be effectively modelled in Europe. In fact, Jim (who you can follow on Twitter @JimHarris) also shares info on low-carbon economy successes in Germany and you can see more here. Hope you find these infographics useful, particularly during this Energy Saving Week. And if you have any questions about how you can make your business or home more sustainable, why not call us on 0333 123 5464.

Infographic comparing job creation in nuclear industry and energy efficiency sector

Infographic of job creation by industry - low-carbon wins!



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