Energy efficiency audits extend money-saving service for Anglian Water Business customers

Today we’re launching an exceptional energy efficiency audit service for Anglian Water Business customers at the Energy Event.

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I’m speaking with Lee Shipsey, Anglian Water Business sales director in a session – “Why Energy & Water Do Mix” – where we will outline the energy audit service in detail. This year, Anglian Water has moved from the Water Event into the Energy Event and is sponsoring the Energy Leader’s Theatre. We’re repeating the session tomorrow.

Central to the Anglian Water Business strategy is the focus on the additional benefit from more efficient water and energy use – the substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

The energy audits extend our partnership offering with Anglian Water Business to help 125,000 business customers save millions of pounds on utility bills and can be carried out separately or alongside a water saving audit.

We’ve already launched an online portal for Anglian Water Business customers that provides information and special rates on a range of proven products from manufacturers like hansgrohe, Verbatim, Philips and ABB as well as specialist providers like award-winning LED manufacturer Soraa.

And the partnership includes a full range of consultancy and installation services. With our energy audits, businesses will understand the true cost of their energy and water use.

Business case

The detailed audits detail how organisations can not only save money but also comply with Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulations. Customers will receive a comprehensive report, with product specifications and ROI calculations, and a tailored business case for investment.

Our partnership positions Anglian Water Business to compete in the deregulated water market in England from 2017, offering benefits to its customers, whatever their size and needs.

This means that businesses and organisations can achieve their energy and water saving goals, whether that’s by sourcing a single LED bulb or eco-shower head on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon portal or using our field services team for UK-wide surveys with investment-ready proposals and fully managed installations.

The forward-looking approach by Anglian Water Business really shows businesses and organisations that there are wider perspectives on energy saving that just changing behaviour and making a few small adjustments.

Energy/water nexus

The energy and water nexus runs throughout businesses of all sizes, to include heating, cooling, chilling, pumping, washing, steaming and purification. Let’s say you are a factory and you use 100,000m3 of water per year. You heat 25% of your water and generate steam with a further 5% for your process.

While your total water charge is £210,760, the true cost of water when energy consumption is factored in rises to £330,839.

Repay investment

Taking energy-saving in the round means reviewing all aspects of utility consumption where water is an integral focus. Many organisations don’t realise that they can save thousands of pounds each year by taking measures to cut energy and water use that can repay investment in less than two years.

Anglian Water Business is delivering real value to its customers and demonstrating that it is taking a long-term, leadership position in the marketplace by setting out to champion and support not just water but also energy efficiency and savings.

As Bob Wilson, Managing Director of Anglian Water Business explains: “We believe water efficiency is key to driving down utility costs and securing the future of any organisation but this shouldn’t be viewed in isolation.

“Saving water often means saving energy and carbon too and we want to highlight that intrinsic link and demonstrate the benefits of a holistic approach to managing utilities. That’s why we’re expanding our range of services.”
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