Electric vehicle charge points must be smart from July 1st for grant funding

Electric vehicle charge points will need to have smart technology to qualify for the government grant scheme from July 1st.

Michael Ellis, Roads Minister, said today (Monday, June 24th) that the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme would from the start of next month be applicable only to charge points capable of being remotely accessed and receiving and reacting to a signal.

A smart charge point can alter when it takes energy in line with peaks and troughs in demand on the grid, responding to grid operator signals to halt charging at peak times.

The scheme will support the installation of charge points until March 2020, or until 30,000 installations have been completed through 2019/20, whichever comes first.

The beauty of smart charging is that it helps the better management of electricity demand, to smooth out some of the peaks and this will reduce the impact that EVs have on the grid while also helping to keep costs down.

At the same time, the smart charge tech provides intelligent ways to match EV energy demands with supply from weather-dependent renewable, which will help reduce carbon emissions and deliver cost savings.

Mr Ellis said:

“The government wants the UK to be the best place in the world to build and own an electric vehicle, with leadership and innovation helping us pave the way to a zero emission future. Our new requirements for charge points could help keep costs down, ensuring the benefits of green transport are felt by everyone.”

The scheme aims to boost EV car sales by minimising initial costs of home charging and the government sees EVs as a crucial element in its new net zero emissions goal.

Daniel Brown, policy manager at the Renewable Energy Association welcomed the scheme change. He said:

“As more of our power comes from renewable technologies such as wind and solar, it’s key that we increase the flexibility of our energy system. Smart charging will be an important part of this in the future, allowing homes to benefit from new tariffs and from bill-reducing technologies such as rooftop solar and battery storage.

We hope the government go a step further in the future, by mandating the smartness of all new charge points including those installed in workplaces and in public locations.”

All relevant SaveMoneyCutCarbon charge points have smart technology and so electric vehicle (EV) users can benefit from grants of under the Homecharge scheme, which provides grant funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing the charge points.

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