Eco taps – the smart way to cut water bills and save energy

Eco taps are the smart way to cut energy and water bills.


Did you know that an average of 13 litres of water per minute runs through a conventional basin mixer tap?

Our range of hansgrohe EcoSmart taps reduce water consumption in mixers by up to 60%*, to around 5 litres per minute.

That means reduced energy needed to heat water and much reduced carbon emissions – and if you are on a water meter, your savings also mount quickly.

The EcoSmart taps work by adding air and use a special flow limitation system. The EcoSmart aerator is integrated into the spout of the basin mixer and enriches the water with air. The result is a full, bubbling jet of water.

A “precision elastomer” responds automatically to different water pressure and alters its shape. It limits the flow, and so constantly saves water.

Learn&Save – watch this hansgrohe EcoSmart video:

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