Easee One EV Charger Review

The powerful 7kW Easee One is a electric vehicle (EV) smart charger designed and manufactured in Norway specifically for the UK home market and provides a charge that is up to three times faster than with a regular outlet.

Design 5/5

The Easee One is small, sleek, stylish and available in 5 colours – black cover as standard, as well as white, anthracite, red and blue.

Build Quality 5/5

It’s lightweight yet has a high-quality build and feel. The Easee One is designed to withstand harsh environments, but packs everything into a small package. It’s  around 69% smaller and lighter than other EV chargers. Weighing only 1.5 kg, this means that it saves the environment from at least 4 kg of copper and plastic per produced charger.

The Easee One is built to last, withstanding all types of weather conditions, it needs no extra protection from sun, snow, wind or rain. It is also updated with new features continuously. This way, you know that you have purchased a safe and future-proof product.


Ease of installation 5/5

The charger is easy to install for any competent electrician. It includes open PEN conductor protection, which means a separate earth rod does not need to be installed, which makes for a simpler and tidier installation. It also features integrated earth fault protection (RCD) and is IP54 certified, with a 3-year warranty.

And you don’t need to stress about technical specifications – the Easee One is universal, fits all types of electric cars and mains, and will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires.

User experience 4/5

The free app provides you with full control over the EV charger, whether in the office, at home or on the move. It’s easy to check the status of the charger, start and pause charging, schedule a charge, lock the charging cable and much more. All in all it’s a reliable app and beautifully simple to use, with a select range of features that will be plenty enough for most customers. WiFi connection is possible and it has an open API, which means further integrations and extended possibilities are available.

You can also use the app’s cable lock feature which determines whether the charger is in tethered or untethered mode. This means you can lock it from the app to keep the charging cable in place or unlock to remove the cable as needed.

Through the app, you can control and plan when your car is charging, see live values for the current charge session and get an overview of electricity consumption.


Special features 5/5

The powerful 7kW smart charger can fit up to three Easee One charging points on one fuse and the Easee One has an integrated eSim with a free lifetime subscription to enable over the air updates and smart connectivity. Integrated RFID is also included adding an extra layer of user security.

The charger is updated with new features continuously. This way, you know that you have purchased a safe and future-proof product.

Overall thoughts

I purchased the charger from SaveMoneyCutCarbon using my club membership, getting the cheapest price I could find on the internet and arranged for my electrician to install, which only took 2 hours. This made the whole installation much cheaper as it appears companies offering an all-in-one solution charge an awful lot more. My electrician also commented on how the easy charger was to install compared to others he has installed and this was his first Easee installation.



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