Dyson Lightcycle – perfect for luxury hotel rooms

The Dyson Lightcycle makes an impact wherever it’s placed and its qualities are a perfect match for luxury hotel rooms.

The Lightcycle has an ingenious design, in keeping with the globally respected brand mission that has reshaped and redefined products for the modern age.

For guests paying a premium to enjoy the very best in service provision, particularly in their rooms, the Lightcycle is a perfect balance of form and function, moving lighting way beyond the simple task of illuminating a space.

It has a wow factor that will reinforce any luxury hotel brand and at the same time it delivers excellent value for money, with low energy use and exceptional robustness and longevity.


Powerful light

The ingenious tasklight provides powerful light, precisely where a guest will need it and the six high-power warm and cool white LEDs feature glare-free conical reflectors, surpassing task area illuminance requirements of BS EN12464-1.

A touch-sensitive precision dimmer on the head of the lamp remembers the most recent light setting.‎

Beyond that, the Lightcycle always delivers the right light for the time of day, tracking the colour temperature and brightness of the daylight available in a guest room. A 32-bit microprocessor interprets daylight data, communicating it to the optical driver for dynamic colour tuning.

The ambient light sensor auto adjusts to surrounding light, reacting to changes in background light to ensure the guest space is maintained at a constant brightness.

Daylight colour

The three warm and three cool LEDs simulate daylight colour temperatures from 2700-6500 kelvin, with a colour rendering index over 90 to ensure colours display very close to daylight.

Our bodies can be influenced by daylight’s changing spectrum of colour and brightness so the Lightcycle is designed for responsiveness, adjusting to the local daylight.

It is also specifically designed to help reduce eye strain with a powerful light of over 1,000 Lux with glare protection and low optical flicker.

At the same time, Dyson lighting is engineered to support wellbeing and task performance, and the Lightcycle intelligently adapts to the particular requirements of any guest, adjusting its light for age, task and sleep times – controlled by the Dyson Link app.

Eye muscles weaken and the lenses harden as we age so older hotel guests may need up to four times more light. The Lightcycle automatically adjusts to give them the recommended brightness for their age.

Axis Glide motion

The trademark 3 Axis Glide motion gives guests an effortless way to adjust the light’s height and horizontal placement, as well as rotation through 360 degrees.‎

Guests can take control and manually choose three pre-set light modes – Relax, Precision and Study. The Precision mode designed to help improve visual acuity by emitting a pool of high-intensity light, and the Study mode surpasses guidelines.

There is also a Boost button to deliver bursts of up to 20 minutes of brighter, cooler light when needed.

Despite the delivery of up to 1,000 Lux, Dyson’s heat pipe technology cools the LEDs to sustain lighting quality for 60 years.‎

The Lightcycle also saves energy, with a motion sensor that switches the light on when a guest is near and off if they are away from two minutes.

A final plus point is the availability of an integrated USB-C charger for guests that frees up socket space while also providing a convenient charging point for desks and bedside tables.

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