Dyson Lightcycle delivers effortless and creative control

Anyone working in the art and design fields will know a familiar challenge – how to get the light right for work.

With the Dyson Lightcycle LED Desk Light, it’s a snap to have the optimum lighting conditions any time of the day or night, whether you are an artist, designer, architect or whatever.

As an artist working from home, I need the best quality and most appropriate light when I am creating, whether that’s during the evening or late into the night. I tried out the new Dyson Lightcycle, which aims to provide exactly that.

The Dyson Lightcycle is sleek and impressive with minimalist lines, and the innovative design goes beyond angular black on the surface to deliver personalised control via the Dyson Link App.

Dyson are pioneers and have clearly worked on the usability and functions of the Lightcycle, aiming to reduce eye strain, aid concentration and increase productivity. It also promises to help with healthy sleep cycles, with the right type of soothing light before bedtime.

The Dyson Lightcycle is really easy to set up and use, and the Dyson Link app has some interesting features. The app communicates continuously with the lamp to adjust light intensity throughout the day.

I could use a manual override, and choose three pre-set light modes: Relax, Study, or Precision for more focused work. There is also a Boost button to deliver 20 minutes of higher intensity light when needed.

I found that the adjustable intensity of the light made it easy to work an any time, day or night. For me, the Lightcycle was a real benefit as it helped to reduce the intensity of graphite shine from my work.

Ease of movement

What also helped with this was the ease of movement. Its “3 Axis Glide” 360-degree motion design worked really well so I could adjust the light exactly where I wanted. I found it effortless to adjust the light’s height and horizontal placement – and as an artist who uses graphite pencils this is a really useful feature.

Being able to move the light source around so easily meant that I could avoid the graphite shine from the darker values and continue to work on all the detail.

Energy saving and long life span

The energy-saving motion sensor was another practical and very useful touch. Working from home means I often leave my desk for periods of time and I sometimes forget to turn the lights off – so this is a handy feature. The sensor turns the light off when you are away for more than two minutes.

Dyson says that its Lightcycle provides more than 1,000 Lux and glare protection with low optical flicker. It also advises that the Heat Pipe technology will keep the six high-power LEDs cool enough to protect light quality for 60 years.

And the Lightcycle also has an integrated USB–C charger, which can be a helpful extra charging point. It is an LED lamp in a class of its own with no compromise on design or construction.


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