Don’t underestimate the saving power of an eco shower

Energy prices are on the up. Fuel prices are on the up. House prices are up. Everything is up.

The combination of all these ‘ups’ makes it easy for the average householder to fall into a spiralling mindset of “I can’t afford this”.

Advice from the powers above are “turn off the lights” and “walk to work”. But cooking in the dark and getting pancaked by a lorry on the A14 isn’t ideal for me, or anyone!

But doom, gloom and empty advice isn’t what we do here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

What we do, is provide practical advice that will significantly reduce your energy and water usage.

Eco Shower Head

If someone told you that a risk-free £10 purchase would lead to £25 water savings per year, plus additional energy savings – would you take it?

Peter did.


The Methven Waipori uses just 9 litres of water per minute, which is less than the UK’s average of 12. Which means if you have just 1 shower a day, for 6 minutes – you’d save £24.20 a year!

And don’t forget the energy savings! It can be easily forgotten that it takes energy to have a shower because you need to heat the water that you’re using. The less you use, the less you spend – simple!

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