Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

Does bamboo toilet paper block drains? The short and sweet answer is, yes it can.

The reason we might be attracted to bamboo toilet paper is largely because we want to be kinder to our planet and it’s true that bamboo is a great, eco-friendly source for a range of super products in the kitchen and bathroom particularly.

But when it comes to keeping drains clear, we can make the best choice for the plumbing and the planet. Some bamboo toilet roll can be manufactured in a way that makes the process of breaking down a little bit more difficult so the paper can form a blockage. While it’s not as bad as the very highly padded, quilted ultra-luxury options, it’s still a potential problem.

So what’s the solution that is kind for your bottom, does the job well, and literally doesn’t cost the Earth? Step forward Uranus Wiper. This recycled toilet paper is a superb choice for eco-friendly customers – it’s not about being green just to look good and impress a few people. This stuff really delivers.

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100% blockage-free

What’s more, it’s been tested by our team in the real world and come through with flying colours, we’ve been using Uranus Wiper toilet roll for months now and can report 100% blockage-free results. It’s Sustainability without Compromise – our products motto.

Did you know that we use 1.3m tonnes of tissue a year in the UK? On average, each of us rips through 127 rolls every year. Timber! You can almost hear the sound of crashing trees, and we need every one of them to help suck out the CO2 from the atmosphere to slow down global heating.

Toilet rolls made with virgin paper have a big impact on the environment beyond fuelling the demand for falling trees, with a whole range of chemicals used in the process. We’ve grown accustomed to using it only fairly recently – it was first sold around 1880, developed by the British Perforated Paper Company. Then it was a coarser paper and sold in boxes of individual squares.

Ten years later, the Scott Paper Company launched the Waldorf brand in rolls but these were not perforated, and lavatory dispensers had serrated teeth to cut the paper as needed. We’re finally becoming less embarrassed by the whole process but back then, people were too shy to ask for it by name, or been seen buying it.  Our forebears would discretely ask the shop assistant for “Two, please” and the rolls were packaged and sold in plain brown paper wrappers.

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Sponges on sticks

Before the loo roll surfaced, people used a variety of methods to clean themselves. The Romans used an L-shaped wooden stick – sometimes it was made of precious metal – and in public loos people used sponges on sticks that were kept in saltwater between uses. In dry climates, sand, powdered brick, or earth were effective post-poo cleaners. Other solutions included the mussel shell, used for centuries, and corn cobs were commonly used until the early 20th century.

At late as the 1950s in Britain at least, any old paper was pressed into service in the early post-war, rationing economy. In the loos, often outhouses, you might find pages from old books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogues. People also cut up and threaded onto a string scrap paper, old bags and even envelopes.

That was an early form of recycling and thank goodness we have moved on, with hygienic, safe and very effective toilet roll like Uranus Wiper, which uses 100% recycled paper.

Uranus Wiper is a UK-based company and makes sure that they keep to their promise of a truly eco-friendly product. This means that 75% of the paper they use in manufacturing their wonderful wipers would have otherwise gone to landfill, while the remaining 25% is wastage from virgin paper manufacturing processes.

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No chemicals

The company don’t use chemicals and bleaches. The wastepaper is heat treated and cleaned with water before oxygen is used to whiten it. Other toilet roll brands use chlorine and other chemical nasties which are harmful to our environment.

Uranus Wiper manufacturing generates 75% fewer carbon emissions than standard processes and also save 30,000 litres of water compared to the production of non-recycled paper. At the same time, 64% less energy is used.

The toilet roll is 4 ply – that’s a very comforting thickness and even so, the structure of the paper means that it breaks down quickly and easily in water, and that means no problems with blockages. and Uranus Wiper is the top choice for every toilet –  it’s even safe for septic tanks.

Also, the company’s packaging is plastic-free and it’s compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, marine life friendly and zero waste friendly. And the entire product is Vegan friendly with no animal testing. Uranus Wiper is hypoallergenic and septic safe – good for you and your home.

When you buy your Uranus Wiper toilet roll, why not join Home Club? It means you get our lowest possible price. And you can really make a difference by signing up for one our regular repeat sustainable living boxes. Start your sustainability journey and join our Home Club.


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