Creating an Eco-Friendly Home: 5 Creative Uses for Beeswax Wraps Around the House

If you’re new to using beeswax wraps, the eco-friendly cling film alternative, then chances are you already know they’re great for storing leftovers and cutting down waste in the kitchen.

However, let it be known that there’s more than one clever way to use your reusable food wraps. You can put them to work all around the house and beyond – the more you can utilise your beeswax food wraps, the better!

You don’t have to be a busy bee in the kitchen to get your money’s worth with eco wraps, and we’re happy to show you how it’s done. Here are five unique ways you can use beeswax wraps inside the kitchen and out, so keep reading for inspiration!

1. Fold your wrap into a container to hold fruit and veggies. 

Who says beeswax wrap only works as a plastic wrap alternative? If you have some loose fruits or veggies hanging around like cherry tomatoes or grapes, then mould the flexible wrap around your produce to act as an eco-friendly bowl.

One win for saving yourself from doing the dishes, and another for getting crafty with your wraps!

2. Wrap beeswax cloth around presents. 

Do you want to make some eco-friendly changes to your wrapping paper that still looks attractive while getting the job done?

Well, now you can with beeswax wraps! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, too, because your giftee can reuse the wrap for their own needs.

3. Make a DIY piping bag. 

Uh oh. Did you forget to buy a piping bag for the sweet treat you need to decorate?

Your beeswax wrap is to the rescue! All you have to do is roll up a large eco wrap, insert a nozzle, and you’re good to go.

4. Travel the eco-friendly way. 

You don’t need plastic containers or cover to store your soap or cover your toothbrush. Instead, a handy beeswax wrap works perfectly for storing your travel essentials! Not only does it make a great eco-friendly alternative, but using beeswax wraps to cover your goods will save a ton of space in your luggage, too.

5. Store any and all loose items with beeswax wrap. 

Do you have a handful of jewellery with no place to go? Wrap it up! Oh, did you lose the box to that deck of cards? Then wrap them up, too!

Get creative and just take a look around your house to see what can be stowed away, and then reach for your eco wraps!

Did you find this blog post helpful?

We’ve got more ideas where that comes from! Being more sustainable at home can feel like an endless uphill battle, but don’t make it hard on yourself. The best thing you can do is challenge yourself to get creative and have fun.

Explore our blog for more ideas on ways to cut down your waste at home and discover our handmade beeswax wraps here to start putting these ideas to use!

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