Club Member of the Month: Lewis

Meet Lewis, our latest Home Club Member of the Month. Lewis lives with his partner and three (that’s right, three!) pets at home. A self-confessed petrol head, he’s the first to admit that his carbon footprint can tend to be on the large side.

Because of his love for cars, he wanted to do something that would offset this carbon-heavy hobby – we spoke to him about the changes he’s been making in an effort to reduce his impact on the environment.

What made you want to live more sustainably?

I’ve always been a lover of sporty, fast cars. I love driving, I find it peaceful, enjoyable – I like pushing a car to its limits and seeing how it handles. It’s certainly not the most sustainable hobby. As I’ve watched more and more environmental documentaries with my partner, I realised how much of an impact I was having – I mean, having had over 16 cars in the last 10 years, I was certainly not helping. I wanted to start making changes in my daily life that would have a more positive impact and offset my love of cars.

Which sustainable swap are you most proud of?

Now an electric car isn’t feasible for me right now (plus, as a true petrol head, it lacks the grunt that an ICE engine has). So instead, I opted for an eBike – it’s so much fun!

Why do you love it so much?

When I started looking for activities that would still give me that rush of exhilaration, I found SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s eBikes. I thought I’d treat myself and take the plunge and spend some time on a hobby that wasn’t so carbon intensive. It’s so much fun and is actually quite fast! I really recommend them. Plus, I can use it for so much – exploring my local area, commuting, and on holidays too.

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