Club Member of the Month: Jonny

Meet Jonny, our Home Club Member of the Month!

Meet Jonny, pre-lockdown rugby player, post lockdown Netflix connoisseur. A long-time recycler but a newbie to the sustainable living swaps and to Home Club.

What made you want to live more sustainably?

“I chose to make changes to my lifestyle as I was just so shocked by the damage we’re causing to the environment and felt like I needed to do at least something. My Home Club membership helps me do just that and it helps save me money on my bills and regular deliveries.”

What is your absolute favourite swap – the one you can’t imagine being without or are most proud of?

“My favourite swap would have to be the OceanSaver spray bottle refill products.”

Why do you love it so much?

“It always felt such a waste throwing away a perfectly good spray bottle every time it ran out, especially with them being mainly plastic. I use the anti-bac and kitchen degreaser, both work just as good if not better than the usual branded ones you get from the supermarket, they smell great – and are kinder on my wallet too!”

Start your sustainable adventures today – it’s easy!

We’ve done the hard work for you in researching, testing and handpicking sustainable products to help you be more eco-friendly at home and on the go. Browse the range to get started – it couldn’t be easier!

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