Care homes: top tips for slashing care home energy and water bills

Care homes across the country celebrated the first National Care Home Open Day and we celebrated with them, offering top tips for slashing care home energy and water bills.

We know that the day is focused on helping care homes to re-engage with local communities, and show how the role of residential and nursing homes has changed so much over the past few years.

Quality of care is top of the agenda and it will be good to see care homes showing the very best ways to look after the people that we will all become, if we are lucky enough. We’ve heard in the past week from care home operators about how much they need to contain costs and so maintain and improve quality of service.

We were at the Medex event in Portugal and were struck by the amount of ground care homes need to make up in addressing the need to cut energy and water bills. Standard guidelines will help to make a difference to care home utility bills and carbon emissions but to make really significant inroads into spiralling utility costs, care homes can use these top-six energy and water saving tips.

There is also a climatic bonus at the same time as you watch your electricity and gas use drop dramatically – you are helping to reduce carbon emissions. We have proven case studies of massive savings ,with no loss of quality in service, that are sustainable year on year. To learn more call us now on 0333 123 5464.

Fit eco shower heads

Make sure you get the best quality to ensure long life and truly efficient use of water. You can cut your water usage by more than half and save energy used to heat water. Remember that there is no effect on shower quality if you choose the right model. More info

Fit tap aerators in the bathrooms

These mini-marvels, if they are the right quality, should amaze you with water savings over 50% in many cases. And don’t forget the kitchen sink – tap aerators are ideal there for rinsing and hand-washing. More info

Fit eco-taps

If you plan to change your taps, fit eco taps – these are the most efficient and stylish on the market. More info

Measure what you use

Measure water use before and after so you have a benchmark you can refer to. Flow bags are a brilliant and simple way to do this. More info

Fit LED lighting

This is simply the most efficient and best light-quality solution in care homes. You can choose between spotlights, lightbulbs and downlights to ensure electricity savings of 85%More info




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