Can eco cleaners really banish bacteria and viruses?

Many people think that to get sparkly clean surfaces like in the TV ads, you need to use chemicals to get rid of the bacteria and make them shine. We’re here to bust that myth! Eco plant-based cleaning disinfectants are just as effective while being better for both human health and the environment. However, not all natural cleaners are created equally so it’s best to do your research and choose a reliable option!

Let’s get into chemical cleaners vs natural eco cleaners and our top 3 chemical-free cleaning products!

Are chemical cleaners bad for you?

Bleach can be extremely dangerous if used without care. Inhaling the fumes can be detrimental to your lungs and irritate your skin. Another example is glycol ethers, often used in solvents which reportedly can lead to neurological and blood effects. Other common chemicals used in cleaners are sodium hydroxide, butoxyethanol and ammonia. Although it’s nearly impossible to link the chemicals to health risks, using natural cleaners is undoubtedly better for your health and wellbeing.

Are chemical cleaners bad for the environment?

Cleaning products make you think of getting rid of the toxins and bacteria in your home. That’s somewhat true. But what you might not have thought about is how it affects aquatic life. After these products have cleaned your home, they get washed down the drain and some pollutants aren’t removed in the process. Instead, they end up in rivers, ponds and lakes.

Some of the phosphates in traditional cleaners have a fertilising effect, triggering a widespread growth of algae that drains the water’s oxygen, reducing aquatic biodiversity. Additionally, microplastic can pass through filtration systems and is incredibly dangerous. Traditional cleaning products also come packaged in single-use plastic bottles – and we all know how bad that is!

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Why choose eco and non-chemical cleaners?

There’s a whole world of benefits to reap from ditching chemicals for eco cleaners and yes, they really do banish bacteria and viruses! We’ve got 10 reasons to start your natural cleaning journey today.

  1. Minimise risk in your home by choosing eco cleaners that aren’t toxic or dangerous.
  2. Peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about harming the environment, your family or your pets.
  3. Stop polluting your home and breathe easier knowing that eco cleaning products don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which have been linked to a range of health problems.
  4. Put your money where your mouth is by investing in products that share your values about the planet.
  5. With an increasing number of manufacturers going green, eco cleaners are becoming more competitively priced and affordable.
  6. It’s easier! I used to have tons of plastic bottles under my sink with every cleaning product under the sun. Many eco cleaners are great multi-purpose alternatives so you don’t need tons of products to do a simple job.
  7. Know what’s in your products because you won’t have to go through a list of chemicals you’ve never heard of.
  8. It’s better for your home as eco cleaners can clean gently but still effectively, without being harsh or damaging your surfaces.
  9. Reduce plastic waste as eco cleaners are typically packed in recyclable materials, biodegradable materials and refillable bottles.
  10. Conserve resources by not needing such a huge range of cleaners and refillable options prevent the need to generate more packaging and plastic bottles.

What about vinegar or lemon juice?

While using homemade acidic solutions like vinegar or lemon juice is great for cleaning certain aspects of your home like food containers, kitchen surfaces and the kitchen sink, for the heavy-duty stuff like the toilet, you may prefer to use something stronger. Which is where eco cleaners come in.

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