Building Regulations and EV charging: What are the changes coming in June 2022?

New building regulations that change the rules around electric vehicle charging points are being introduced in June.

The government is beginning to press harder on the transition to a Net Zero economy, where carbon emissions are reduced and are balanced out to zero with other measures. These new Building Regulations are a step in that direction.

It announced in November that the new building regulations in England would require new homes and commercial buildings, as well as those undergoing major renovation, to install electric vehicle charge points.

The government has already brought forward a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. Hybrids will be allowed until 2035, but after 2035 all new vehicles must be zero emissions. And it’s  facilitate the switch to greener transport with new incentives like tax breaks and grants towards charging infrastructure.

The good news is that our range of chargers are a perfect fit for the new regulations- they are all universal sockets (untethered). If you need if a tethered charger, we can help there too.

What are the changes?

The technical requirements for electric vehicle charge points are that they should meet all of the following and our EV chargers are all compliant:

  1. Be designed and installed as described in BS EN 61851.
  2. Have a minimum nominal rated output of 7kW.
  3. Be fitted with a universal socket (also known as an untethered electric vehicle charge point). Alternatively, in exceptional circumstances, such as for a self-build property, if the vehicle requirements are already known, a tethered electric vehicle charge point may be acceptable.
  4. Be fitted with an indicator to show the equipment’s charging status that uses lights, or a visual display.
  5. Be a minimum of a Mode 3 specialised system for electric vehicle charging running from a dedicated circuit, or equivalent, as defined in BS EN IEC 61851-1.
  6. Fulfill the requirements of BS 7671.
  7. Fulfill the requirements in the IET’s Code of Practice: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation.

Cable routes and locations for EV chargers 

For each parking space that requires either an electric vehicle charge point or cable routes for an electric vehicle charge point to be installed in future, then the location of the electric vehicle charge point or future connection should be suitable for use by EVs with charging inlets in different places.

Where accessible parking spaces are associated with the building and either future connection locations or EV charge points are being provided to meet the regulations, then at least one accessible parking space should have access to either

a) a future connection location or,

b) an EV charge point.


Our fully compliant EV chargers

Our Easee range of chargers all feature a cable lock, which allows users to lock their charging cables into their charger. This effectively turns your universal socket charger into a tethered charger. This functionality will also become available in the ABB Terra AC range in a firmware update later this year.

And with the Easee Ready solution you can prepare for you can prepare for future charging points at low cost and it’s easy to scale. With the Easee Ready solution, the Charging Robot acts as an intelligent junction box and supports the expansion of several charging stations on the same cable. This allows you to easily scale the system when the need for charging changes.

To upgrade to a full charge point, you can at any time buy the Easee Plug & Play (Chargeberry and front cover in any colour). It’s scalable thanks to the innovative Plug & Play technology. This allows you to easily scale the system without any additional electrical work.

Easee benefits

  • Prepared charging point at low cost.
  • Supports extension of multiple Charging Robots on the same cable.
  • Available for both Easee One and Easee Charge.
  • Developed and produced in Norway.

With a connected Easee Ready backplate, you get a parking space ready for future EV charging at a very low cost.

It’s simple to Install. With Easee Ready, you choose when you want to complete the charging point by just adding the hardware on demand. You simply order the Easee Plug & Play and mount the Charging Robot.

The patented Easee Ready backplate enables the installation of an Easee Plug & Play Charging Robot in just 15 seconds. With Easee Ready installed, there is no need to pay extra to install Easee Plug & Play. Anyone can easily connect the Plug & Play Charging Robot and the front cover. It’s quick, safe and easy – and takes around 15 seconds.

The Easee One EV charger is part of our Pro Essentials range – proven products, trusted brands, best advice and always in stock. We selected our range because not only are they top quality products, they also make any trade professional’s job just that much easier.

Order now.

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Cost-effective reliability

Reliability is essential for EV charging at home, and our ABB Terra wallbox solution delivers that peace of mind – with full regulatory compliance. You are buying built-in reliability when you invest in the Terra AC wallbox which provides tailored, intelligent and networked charging solutions.

The Terra is the best value AC charger on the market, providing the quality expected of the world leader in EV charging. It’s backed by a full 3 year warranty and the single-phase 7.4kW wallbox delivers high quality value, futureproof flexibility, safety and protection.

It is OZEV WCS approved and is designed to charge all available EVs (compatible cable required). The dedicated smartphone app provides easy authentication and control of the AC charger, along with and insights into charging status for users. Configuration is easy with the app or ABB web portal.

The Terra charger is IP54 rated, and evaluated and tested to the highest standards by independent, third party safety certification organisations. It also has built-in 6mA DC fault detection.

ABB are trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies, with 130 years of heritage in accessible technology leadership and a world-leading AC and DC charging portfolio – for safe, smart and sustainable e-mobility.

For all your EV charging needs call me, Simon Blaaser, on 07880 492637.

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