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The Government has unveiled a £200 million package to help innovative businesses power the UK’s economic recovery and develop new sustainable opportunities.

The Sustainable Innovation Fund is open to businesses in any sector to support new technologies, in the drive to achieve Net Zero, including making homes and offices more energy efficient to cut bills.

Businesses and start-ups could also make use of the fund to develop smart sustainability-focused projects – from apps encouraging people to cut down their food waste to sustainable biodegradable packaging.

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Two new competitions in the Sustainable Innovation Fund are now open:

The Sustainable Innovation Fund: round 1 (temporary framework):

Pot of funding: £55 Million

Deadline: 29th July 2020

Project starts: 1 October 2020

Project size: Your project’s total eligible costs must be between £100,000 and £500,000. Each organisation working alone or in a collaboration can claim a maximum of £175,000.


Specific themes

  • decarbonisation, circular economy and/or biodiversity
  • climate change and environmental sustainability
  • geographic or regionally-targeted innovation
  • innovation that is aimed at commercial or residential users
  • innovations that work across more than one sector
  • follow-on international opportunities that help the UK lead the world

International partners:  European / EEA partners accepted

Grant: up to 80% of costs – exceptions of R&D organisations & Universities

The Sustainable Innovation Fund: SBRI phase 1

Pot of funding: £10 Million inc. VAT

Innovate UK will fund organisations to develop and demonstrate new products or services. Your solution must help businesses and/or the public sector in the UK recover from the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic in a sustainable manner, demonstrating the impact and potential of a clean growth led recovery and transition to net zero

The overall programme will be delivered in 2 phases. This is phase 1 and will focus on exploring the feasibility of proposals. Phase 2 will concentrate on continued research, development and testing. A decision to proceed with phase 2 will depend on the outcomes from phase 1.

Deadline: 5 August 2020

Project starts: 1 October 2020

Project size: We expect projects in this phase to range in size up to total costs of £60,000, including VAT.



Specific themes:

Your project must address one or more of the following themes, which are informed by the government’s Clean Growth Strategy:

  • decarbonising energy, business and industry
  • improving business and industry efficiency
  • improving the energy efficiency, heating and cooling of our homes and other buildings
  • accelerating the shift to low carbon transport
  • enhancing the benefits and value of our natural resources
  • innovating for a more sustainable public sector
  • climate change adaptation and mitigation

Grant value: It is anticipated that the feasibility study R&D contracts will be up to £60,000, including VAT. This is for each project for up to 3 months. The assessors will consider fair value in making their evaluation.

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