Beyond switching suppliers in Big Energy Saving Week

The Big Energy Saving Week starts today to help consumers find the best ways to cut their bills.


At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we’ve been pushing relentlessly as we’ve grown rapidly to ensure that all consumers, whether in business or other organisations or at home are as energy efficient as possible.

That’s because we’ve seen energy bills go on rising year after year. In fact, they have doubled in the past decade and are set to double again over the next 10 years.

That’s why we always fully support the annual Big Energy Saving Week as a national campaign that raises awareness of the need to reduce consumption.

Big savings

But we also think that the focus on switching suppliers to cut bills should be balanced with an intensive promotion of the simple ways that consumers can make big savings that continue year after year.

It’s great that more people will know how switching to a different energy supplier can save as much as £300 on an average UK household bill.

That’s a one-off and much needed in these tough times – and it is surprising that around 43% of people don’t believe that making such a move would save money.

It’s even more surprising to us how many consumers are not aware of the benefits of making some easy changes at home and at work to take control of spiralling energy bills – and other utility costs.

Quality LED

Making the move to LED lighting is a clear winner in the battle against rising bills. Replacing energy-guzzling lights with quality LED products can deliver savings of up to 85%.

What’s more these savings mount up year after year as a well-manufactured LED can last for 50,000 hours or more – it’s a ‘fit-and-forget’ way to save money for a decade or more.

It’s also often forgotten that managing water usage efficiently pays big dividends in cutting utility bills. By fitting eco taps, eco showers and tap aerators that reduce water consumption by up to 60% without affecting quality of use, consumers can also reduce energy bills.

That’s because the amount of energy needed to heat and pump the water is drastically reduced.

And as a welcome bonus, the planet benefits as the amount of CO2 released through energy usage is also cut back.

Reduce demand

By helping consumers invest in savvy solutions to reduce energy demand, the Green Alliance estimates that £2.4 billion could be cut from consumer bills by 2025 and reduce electricity demand equivalent to the generating power of eight gas-fired power stations by 2030.

Helping people cut energy bills is why we’re here so we’ll be pushing hard to provide consumers at home and in business with the solutions they need to achieve that, during Big Energy Saving Week – and every week of every year.

You can find out more about Big Energy Saving Week here.



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