Are brokers rewarded for the wrong reasons?

As I am sure you are aware, a broker is a person or company who buys and sells products or services as a third party. In the world of utilities, they are known as Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs). Usually, a broker’s income comes from one of two avenues: on a commission basis from the chosen supplier, or from an upfront payment sent directly from the client. Of the two, the former is the most common for a number of reasons.

Brokers love companies who use a large amount of energy because, plain and simple, the higher the usage, the higher the commission they will earn. From this, you can see the general difference between a broker and a consultant. A broker wants you to use as much energy as possible whereas a consultant actually wants to help you save money by reducing the amount of energy (and/or water) that your company uses.

When you go to the doctors, they will never reward you for living an unhealthy lifestyle, so why do we reward brokers this way?

In an era where one of our largest focuses is the environment, the planet at the forefront of all advice, as this goes hand in hand with reducing outgoings on utilities. More often than not, a client is more than happy to look into alternative ways of reducing their spend, such as swapping their old lightbulbs to highly efficient LED bulbs, or swapping their toilets for a product that will reduce their water usage by up to 80%.

So why is this not on the agenda? Brokers just love commission, and sadly for them reducing their clients’ gas and electricity usage reduces their income. What a shame…

However, what works for some does not work for others. At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, our aim is in the name, to save you money and cut your carbon. Our incentive is to do our part in creating a world in which sustainability is king, not money. We are one of the UK’s leaders in the supply and installation of carbon efficiency equipment, which means that unlike any other consultant, we can offer the full package in-house. From LED lighting and solar panels to Propelair’s ultra-efficient toilets, we have the world at our fingertips to change your business into a hyper-sustainable, eco-friendly company.

If you would like to hear more on how we are able to reduce your energy and water consumption, please contact me via email at, or by ringing me on 07554 444 948.

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