A Commercial Approach To Going Green

This has been a busy year so far and Save Money Cut Carbon’s business proposition – a commercial approach to going green – is winning many more customers and supporters. We have seen a tenfold increase in orders for LED tubes, GU10s and hansgrohe EcoSmart shower heads compared to the same time last year.

Our customers span all business sectors, including hotels, hospitals, car dealerships, local authorities and leisure parks – in fact, any organisation who intends to cut energy and water consumption. More significantly, we are seeing a cultural shift in the reason why customers are choosing to cut consumption.

This year, the driving force is to reap the financial benefits more than the environmental impact of retrofitting low-usage products. Of course, people are still passionate about conserving energy and water for the good of our planet, but we have yet to find anyone who is not focused on lowering their monthly utility bills. Perhaps it is not so surprising, given that utility bills seem to have no price ceiling and we think that the cost-cutting imperative will continue to be a powerful driver in the “save money, cut carbon” environment that is rapidly maturing.

Customers are increasingly taking advantage of our end-to-end service where we survey, plan, purchase, install and manage their ‘commercial green’ project. The best products in the world are no good if they are not fit for purpose, have been badly installed or actually been left in the box.

To give you an example, our LED products deliver savings on every level, reducing energy bills by up to 80% as well as removing the need for maintenance and bulb replacement cost for many years to come – and this provides a fast return on your investment. LED-bar

The benefits of LED lighting speak for themselves:

  • dramatically reduces your power budget
  • is highly reliable, requires little or no maintenance compared with existing lighting solutions and provides the user with up to 40,000 hours of continuous usage
  • offers a wide range of options in terms of lighting density, colour tones and light spread
  • conforms to and assists with many of the proposed and implemented government initiatives focused on the eco-budget, the “green economy” and the carbon reduction energy efficient scheme
  • works, we have many examples, testimonials and accreditations
  • is not only the future of lighting, it is here now and being deployed throughout the economy across the broadest range domestic and commercial settings.

But by far the biggest seller in terms of volume this quarter has been our range of tap aerators. Tap aerators cost less than £5, are easy to install on most round-ended taps and save up to 65% in water consumption. Anyone who pays a water bill should make this a priority, as the payback is in a matter of months, not years. If you’re a bigger organisation, like a hotel or restaurant, you might be interested in the example below to show how the savings ramp up. tap aerators_savings at a glance



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